Warm Feeling in Foot

You may experience warm sensation in foot due to lots of reasons. It is possible to resolve the concern only if you know what’s triggering it in the very first location. Learn what they are and ways to deal.

Burning or warm sensation in foot can be severe or mild, but it is constantly rather bothersome. In some cases, the burning sensation is so severe that you can not sleep during the night. It becomes even difficult to manage things when warm experience in foot accompanies with pins and needles sensation or tingling. Instead of burning, some individuals feel tingling sensation in feet, which is typically the result of nerve damage in the legs. The treatment choices typically assist limit the damage done to your nerve to minimize pain.

What Causes Warm Feeling in Foot?

A number of conditions might produce symptoms such as tingling feet or warm feeling in foot. Here’s more about some typical causes of experiencing a burning sensation in your feet.

1. Neuropathy

Peripheral Neuropathy includes harmed nerve fibers that often misfire and trigger a burning feeling. You experience pain because your broken nerves begin sending out pain signals to your brain. The leg nerves are the very first to experience the damage in neuropathy, which results in tingling in the feet as well. Often, it results in hyperesthesia characterized by severe feet sensitivity. The burning pain can be moderate or even disabling. Common reasons for neuropathy consist of diabetes, alcohol abuse, Lyme condition, drug side effects, Vitamin deficiency (vitamin B12 or vitamin B6) and Guillain-Barre syndrome.

2. Diabetes

Many individuals experience tingling experience in feet due to neuropathy, and neuropathy is the result of diabetes most of the times. Diabetic people are most likely to develop peripheral arterial disease too. It is likewise hard for a diabetic to deal with infections. All this typically leads to severe foot problems, including gangrene and amputation. Treating the diabetes is the way to deal with warm feeling in foot.

warm feeling in foot

Warm feeling in foot and leg

3. Poor Circulation

An embolism or a circulator disturbance may also cause burning feet. If you’re experiencing heat in your feet and you observe spider/varicose veins or reddish spots on your ankles, an embolism is probably the reason you’re experiencing heat in foot. Peripheral artery condition is a common circulatory problem where narrowed arteries reduce blood flow to your limbs.

4. Swelling

Any type of infection or inflammation of the feet may also cause a tingling or burning feeling. Professional athlete’s foot is the most common foot infection with burning experience to feet.

5. Surgery

You might experience warm feeling in foot numerous months after gastric coronary bypass. It normally takes place because the body can not take in B vitamins appropriately after stomach bypass that may cause neuropathy in the leg.

6. Restless Leg Syndrome

The burning feeling in your feet can sometimes be a symptom of restless leg syndrome where you seem like moving your legs, particularly during the night.

7. Other Causes

In addition to these fundamental reasons for warm feeling in foot, there can be some others too. You might experience it due to a persistent kidney illness, little fiber neuropathy, vitamin shortage, and HIV AIDS. This could also be due to drug side effects, consisting of vitamin B6 overdose, chemotherapy drugs, HIV medications, amiodarone and more. Lead or metal poisoning, edema, and hypertension are some other common reasons for warm sensation in your feet.

What to Do About Warm Feeling in Foot?

In order to take care of the problem, you need to discover its source first. You have to determine precisely what’s causing burning feeling in your feet, and after that you can determine the best treatment option.

In some cases, you can remedy the concern through self-care. For instance, in some situations you will discover relief by resting and elevating your feet. Changing your shoes may also help a bit – you might even think about soaking your feet in cool water for relief.

Seek advice from a Doctor
It is also a good idea to arrange a workplace check out if you don’t seem to find any relief after weeks of self-care. You need to likewise consult your doctor if rather of getting better the symptoms are becoming intense with time. If the burning feeling begins spreading up into your leg, this is another scenario when you ought to consult your doctor.

Your doctor will consider your situation and might even suggest particular tests to detect the issue. Among the major causes of burning feet is diabetes. It is fairly easy to verify if you have diabetes or not. Similarly, the medical diagnosis of neuropathy, which is another typical cause of burning feet, is straightforward and easy.

When to Seek Emergency Medical Care

You ought to seek immediate medical attention if you experience sudden burning feeling in your feet after being exposed to some kind of toxin. You should go see your doctor immediately if you discover an open injury on your foot and you have diabetes also.

Tests and Diagnosis

Your doctor may request for specific tests if the burning sensation is abrupt and worsening rapidly. Some of the most typical tests consist of the following:

  • Electromyography (EMG): The test involves putting a probe on the skin to record electrical activity inside your muscles.
  • Nerve Conduction Study: The test assists determine the ability of your nerves to transmit signals. It includes measuring the response of the nerve after stimulation.
  • Laboratory Tests: Your doctor may suggest tests of urine, blood, or back fluid to detect the reason for burning feet. This might likewise include a basic blood test to inspect vitamin levels in your body.
  • Nerve Biopsy: When absolutely nothing else appears to work, some physicians advise nerve biopsy. It is only in rare cases, and it includes eliminating a small piece of nerve tissue to analyze it in information and discover a reason for warm sensation in foot.


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