Urine Smells Like Metal

If your body is totally healthy, your urine should have no smell and be really clear. However, when you aren’t feeling well or ending up being undesirable, your urine can have a strong color and smell. In reality, concentrated urine can smell like metal. This is an indicator that there could be something going wrong in your body.

In some cases it is simply that you are dehydrated, or becoming sick. However metal odor in urine can also suggest something more serious, such as kidney damage, liver disease and more. If you have any symptoms aside from the smell, such as urine with a strong color, inflammation or rash, itching, fever, chills, burning sensations or vaginal discharge, it is time to go to the doctor to find out what is going on.

Causes of Urine Smells Like Metal for Both Men and Women

Urine that has a strong smell is frequently related to undesirable medical conditions. These are some of the few most common reasons that your urine might smell like metal:

  • High-protein Foods Consumption. Eating foods rich in protein can cause this smell, especially if you eat a great deal of them. That’s since the foods can cause excess nitrogen in your body, and when that is released, it smells like metal.
  • Dehydration. If you do not have adequate water in your body, your urine ends up being really focused. The urine will then smell like metal or otherwise have a foul odor, and the color will end up being darker.
  • Holding Urine for Too Long. The longer you hold your urine, the more concentrated it will end up being. That’s why it is important to go when you feel the desire.
  • Sexually Transmitted Disease. Some STDs can cause a really nasty smell of the urine, along with a vaginal discharge in women that is in some cases mistaken for bad-smelling urine.
  • Diabetes. When the body does not use glucose effectively, it can develop in the blood. As the kidneys attempt to eliminate this, they produce something called ketones, according to artplay-katok.ru. Ketones are then gotten rid of in your urine, which can describe a nasty smell.
  • Kidney Problems. Your kidneys filter waste from your body. When they aren’t working appropriately, those wastes can develop, which gives your urine an unique metal smell.
  • Metabolic Disorders. Some metabolic conditions that are not under regular treatment can result in a strong metal odor in urine. Taking medications as guided can help reduce this.

Urine Smells Like Metal

More Causes of Urine Smells Like Metal for Women

The metal smell in urine is much more common in women than it is in men, and in some cases the metal smell can imply serious repercussions for the female, particularly if she is pregnant. When a woman smells metal in urine during her pregnancy, it is essential to speak to your doctor and get a urinalysis to determine what might be incorrect.

There are some other causes of the metal odor in urine that can be special to women:

  • Menopause. When menopause occurs, the menstrual cycle stops. When this occurs, the woman’s body changes in numerous methods. The loss of advantageous vaginal flora can result in increased risk of urinary tract infections, and that can lead to metal smelling urine.
  • Bacterial Infection. Bacterial infections, consisting of bladder infection and urinary tract infection, can become common for women thanks to the positioning of their anatomy. The nearness of the vagina, rectum and urethra mean a woman is at higher risk for these infections. Bacterial infections in the kidneys, urinary tract or bladder can all cause a focused metal smell.
  • Not Drinking Enough Fluids during Pregnancy. When you do not drink enough, you become dehydrated. This concentrates the urine, making it smell more powerful and offering it a stronger color as well. When you are pregnant and dehydrated, the effect is a lot more noticable. This is a serious problem, because it shows your child is not getting sufficient water.
  • Medication and Supplements Effects during Pregnancy. Some drugs can produce a smell of metal. This is particularly true during pregnancy, when moms are normally taking numerous nutritional supplements. The metal smell in urine may be caused by calcium, iron, or different vitamins. Luckily, this is one reason for smelly urine that is not an indicator of a problem, and it often disappears after a brief time period.

Remedies for Urine Smells Like Metal

Even if the metal odor in urine isn’t a medical concern, it can still bother you. Because case, there are a number of natural home remedy you can attempt that will help that undesirable smell decrease.

  • Drink More Fluids. The more fluids you have in your body, especially water, the much better hydrated you will be. The more hydrated you are, the less your urine will smell, and the clearer it will become. The objective is urine with no smell at all, and virtually no color.
  • Be Careful of Your Diet. Take a look at the foods you are eating. Are any of them understood to cause problems with a metallic smell? Often you can identify the offender, such as eating excessive protein. Change your diet for a few days and see if the smell vanishes.
  • Beware of the Medications and Supplements. Numerous supplements and medications can have side effects that cause a strange smell to your urine. If your medication or supplement alerts you of this on the label, or if your doctor and pharmacist aren’t worried, then things are most likely simply great. However if you can’t identify a medication or supplement that is causing the issue, talk to your doctor.
  • The metallic smell in urine is generally temporary and often has a really clear cause. However if you are concerned about the smell and can’t pinpoint the reasons that, you must see a doctor to dismiss anything that may be going wrong inside your body.

Last modified: October 10, 2017


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  1. Very informative! I just switched from oxybutinin to Myrbetriq this week and am having to pee in the night at least once and last night my urine had a strong metallic smell. Does it matter if you take Myrbetiq in the morning or evening? Isn’t OAB fun!?

  2. I had an iron infusion and since then had stomach pain and a metallic smell from urine. It might be nothing to do with the iron

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