How to Treat Flea Bites in Humans

Flea bites can itch and burn, and those varmints hide in places in your home like carpets, in bed linen and on your animals. Although fleas might prefer delighting in the blood of animals, having animals in your house can imply flea bites for people too. Treatment can be as simple as home remedies, or if natural home remedy do not show to be effective, medical attention might be essential. As a result of proper action, fleas can be prevented on your pets and in your house.


Fleas are very small, brown, parasitic (or blood-sucking) bugs that can leave red, swollen, itchy bites behind. A parasite cannot live without eating a host animal, such as a pet or a human. Animals and people can also be hosts for the female flea’s eggs to hatch. If you have animals in your home, without appropriate prevention those animals may be carrying fleas in from outside.

Symptoms of Flea Bites

Flea bites might cause localized red bumps, but they may also cause allergic reactions in individuals with sensitive skin. Even their existence might cause breathing allergic reactions due to the irritants they produce. Flea bites are most typically found on the feet and ankles. Though they might itch greatly, the pain included is very little.

flea bites on leg

Picture of flea bites on leg

Flea Bites Treatment

Natural home remedy need to be attempted first unless there is an allergy present. Natural home remedy include calamine lotion or natural remedies like arnica montana to alleviate swelling of bites. If a natural home remedy is not working seek medical guidance. Your doctor might recommend a cortisone cream to reduce swelling or an antihistamine to reduce itching. Scratching the bites can exacerbate them and cause infection. If a rash develops, see a skin doctor to dismiss an allergic reaction.


According to Dr. Heather Aubrey, D.V.M., of the Village Vet in Los Angeles, “The best prevention for fleas is month-to-month flea prevention on your family pets and routine cleansing of the home, particularly carpets, as the eggs can reside in carpets.” Fleas can be avoided on the animal itself through a number of approaches. These include topical medication, internal medication, a flea collar or other natural remedies. The key is to prevent fleas on the animal so they do not go into the home and nest in carpets.


Updated: September 15, 2016 — 4:00 am

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