Tingling in the Left Arm

tingling in left arm and numbness

Tingling in the left arm is referred to as parenthesis in more scientific terms and consist of all comparable grumbles like pins and needle sensation, burning sensation, pricking experience or numbness. The primary reason for all these unusual feelings is altered level of anxious activity in the nerves providing left arm or forearm.

The tingling experience of left arm is typically disregarded by many individuals as an insignificant symptom of excessive exercise, fatigue or muscle spasm; nevertheless, in some cases, the apparently safe symptom may be an initial presentation of an intricate medical problem that may require emergent and urgent medical attention. Tingling in the Left Arm often can be with tingling in fingers, tingling in leg, with tingling in shoulder, with chest pain, tingling in the face, with numbness, in the upper part, as a sign of heart attack, in the lower left arm, with nhs, from elbow to hand, with tingling in the chest, with foot pain, high blood pressure, above elbow, with headache, with dizziness, etc.

Causes and Treatments of Tingling in the Left Arm

Most popular reasons for tingling feeling in the left arm are:

1. Poor Blood Circulation

Poor blood circulation present regarding tingling feeling in addition to cold and clammy hands, difficulty in maintaining quick movements from left arm/hand and advancement of venous tension ulcers in forearm or hands due to poor availability or oxygenated blood and pressure of stagnant blood on the vessel walls. It is most often seen in the setting of atherosclerosis due to aging or other vascular disorders. It can likewise be triggered by tight outfit or precious jewelries.

You can enhance the blood circulation of blood throughout your left arm by generalized physical activities that improve the total blood circulation via heart. In addition, you can constantly concentrate on exercises that target your left arm by lifting weights, climbing up, hiking, swimming and comparable activities. Alternating in between cold and hot compress can also enhance the blood circulation level of blood.

2. Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

Certain genetic problems like cervical rib or obtained conditions like bad posture, cervical growth or development in the neck region can result in thoracic outlet syndrome that is marked by weak point of grip, changes in the color of face (redness or swelling), tingling and absence of pulsations in the arm and appearance of dark spots in the locations of fixed blood flow due to pressure of growth or cervical rib.

People who develop symptoms due to persistent and repetitive exercises can likewise develop symptoms of thoracic outlet syndrome due to tearing of tissues. Athletes like expert basketball players, swimmers require way of life adjustment to manage the disabling symptoms. Besides, you can ease the symptoms by keeping food posture and practicing relaxation methods.

3. Cardiovascular disease

The most typical cause of heart attack is ischemic heart illness due to vascular defects (development of atheroma or atherosclerotic plaque), or muscular conditions of heart (hypertensive or hypertrophy of heart) in which blood supply to heart is insufficient to perform regular physiological and contractile functions of heart. Heart attack normally provides as tingling or tingling in the left arm and let side of the chest followed by radiation of pain and weakness to left jaw or left shoulder.

Way of life adjustments and nutritional modifications can substantially decrease the heart risk. Even in known cardiac patients, reoccurrence of ischemic episodes can be prevented by dietary adjustment by enhancing the consumption of low cholesterol diet and intake of anti-oxidants to fight complimentary radicals and reactive oxygen types. Moderate physical activity and meditation in addition to other stress relieving exercises are likewise valuable in improving the heart circulation and preventive the anxiety mediated cardiac activity. In addition, look for the help of a healthcare provider regularly and follow you pharmacologic regimen really thoroughly

4. Stroke

Brain controls all the sensory and motor activities of the body which’s why it requires a stable supply of blood in the form of heart output. However, certain conditions like thrombus formation in several of the major vessels of heart/ brain, embolus (dislodged thrombus) and atheroma formation in the significant capillary providing brain can lead to stroke as a result of sudden cessation of blood supply to brain drug. In addition, high blood pressure, long standing diabetes and raised blood cholesterol concentration likewise adds to the pathogenesis. Stroke is marked by pins and needles or loss of function of the locations of the body supplied by the part of brain damaged by stroke, consisting of tingling in the left arm.

Way of life adjustment, absolute control of blood sugar levels, serum cholesterol concentration and high blood pressure control are absolutely compulsory. In case of stroke, immediate medical interest needs to be look for and treatment method need to be followed depending upon the nature of stroke

5. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS)

Carpal tunnel syndrome may take place separately or as a part of another medical issue. It is more often come across when the soft tissues of the body are swollen as an outcome of hormonal conditions (hypothyroidism) or physiological modification in the serum fluid levels (like in pregnancy). The symptoms include pain, numbness, tingling and trouble in performing typical activities by hand as well as other comparable symptoms due to entrapment of median nerve.

Management of carpal tunnel syndrome depends on the identification of primary condition and way of life adjustment to decrease the pressure on carpal tunnel. You can try rotating the wrists and extending the left arm to relieve the tingling sensation.

6. Other Causes

  • Pressure on left arm in the form of extended inactivity or bring heavy weight for long periods of time likewise influence the blood supply resulting in tingling feeling.
  • Vitamin B12 deficiency or shortage of other micronutrients influences the metabolic activities.
  • Vascular damageas an outcome of physical or chemical damage to vessel wall.
  • Several sclerosis.
  • Side effects of particular medicationthat influence anxious activity or blood supply to left arm.

When to See a Doctor

Unusual symptoms like tingling or paresthesia in arm require treatment but if you are experiencing following symptoms, you ought to see your healthcare provider at earliest benefit:

  • If tingling feeling is connected with an altered level of consciousness.
  • If you are establishing progressive weakness or loss of motor or sensory control of your limbs or other parts of your body.
  • If your symptoms follow severe agonizing headache (may be a preliminary discussion of hypertensive.
  • If symptoms are associated with any current history of fall, attack or injury.

Last modified: August 16, 2016


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