What Causes Itchy Scrotum?

What Causes Itchy Scrotum

An itch in the genital area is a typical symptom both in males and females. An itchy scrotum can be temporary and persistent as an outcome of a number of medical conditions. In most cases, a dermatovenerologist can make the medical diagnosis based upon physical examination if the skin changes show up. Nevertheless, in many […]

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Otitis Externa: Symptoms and Treatment

otitis externa symptoms in adults

Otitis externa (OE) is an inflammation or infection of the external auditory canal (EAC), the auricle, or both. This condition can be found in all age groups.

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Does Skin Cancer Itch and Burn?

does skin cancer itch pictures

Melanoma is a kind of skin cancer. It isn’t really as typical as other types of skin cancer, but it is the most serious.

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Amoxicillin Allergic Rash

amoxicillin allergy rash treatment

An amoxicillin rash is not normally severe, and can frequently be managed with home treatments. Any additional symptoms that accompany the rash must be reported to your doctor to make sure that you do not require more medical interest.

Updated: October 6, 2017 — 7:28 pm

Itching All Over the Body

itching all over the body with red bumps

Itchy skin is an uneasy, irritating sensation that makes you want to scratch. Likewise called pruritus (proo-RIE-tus), itchy skin might be the outcome of a rash or another condition, such as psoriasis or dermatitis. Or itchy skin might be a symptom of an illness, such as liver illness or kidney failure.

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