Coughing Up Phlegm

Coughing Up with green colored Phlegm

What is Phlegm? As the name suggests, this is a condition where cough is connected with sputum production. The term phlegm signifies a swelling that results into an extreme mucous production. This excessive mucous cough outs as a sputum. Sputum colour, consistency and nature may differ depending upon the nature of the problem. It can […]

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Rib Pain from Coughing

rib pain from coughing too much

There are twelve pairs of ribs set up in curves in the rib cage around the chest, which primarily function as a defense for the vital organs within the ribcage. Ribs can be classified as real ribs (the first seven pairs attached to the breastbone), incorrect ribs (the next 3 pairs that attach to the […]

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