Swollen Gum Around Wisdom Tooth

swollen gums around wisdom tooth remedies

Tooth pains due to inflamed gum around wisdom tooth is among the worst feelings. Simple home treatments and great oral hygiene will help in solving the problem. Likewise, checking out the dental professional and getting the teeth checked will help.

Pericoronitis is a condition which happens when a part of the tooth breaks partly through the gum. Plaque and food gets caught below this and continues to be there. This causes irritation and swelling of the gum tissue and infection. If left ignored, the infection and swelling can reach the neck and cheek areas as well.

If you are suffering inflamed gums around wisdom teeth, the following parts can be an excellent help for you to alleviate your discomforts.

What Causes Swollen Gum Around Wisdom Tooth?

Natural response of the body to infection is to supply the afflicted part with oxygen rich blood, red blood cells and nutrients to quicken the recovery. Pain and swelling happens since the little capillary in the area broaden to increase the blood flow to the area. This is the same reaction that happens when the gums around the wisdom tooth swell.

swollen gum around wisdom tooth treatment

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Besides pericoronitis, gingivitis can cause swollen gums around wisdom tooth, which is caused by the presence of plaque or microbial biofilms staying with the tooth surface areas. The lesions can be caused due to viral, bacteria, fungal or genetic causes. The gum tissue gets stretched over the connective tissue and gets inflamed, swollen and appear glossy, which will bleed easily when flossing or brushing.

Other causes of gum pain can be impaction, infection, dental caries, cysts and pain due to pressure. The following are some conditions that swollen gums around wisdom tooth may take place:

  • When the wisdom tooth does not totally grow but breaks out from the gums, the condition is called affected tooth.
  • When an emerged wisdom tooth is covered with a flap of skin, gum infection like pericoronitis occurs.
  • When the tooth begins to pass away, tooth decay happens.
  • Small pockets of fluid called cysts likewise form near the wisdom tooth.
  • When the wisdom tooth emerges through gums, pressure pain happens.

The Best Ways to Relieve Swollen Gum Around Wisdom Tooth

1. Saline Water

Dissolve half teaspoon salt in a glass of lukewarm water and rinse your mouth after every meal, which assists to fend off infection and has relaxing impact on pain. It can be done even throughout medical treatment.

2. Clove Oil

Clove oil has anti-inflammatory buildings, which helps in relieving inflammation of gums and lowers pain. Clove oil on cotton put near the tooth for an hour will be handy in decreasing swelling.

3. Camphor

Covering camphor in cotton and placement near the wisdom tooth can cause numbing impact on the painful gums. You can position this till it dissolves in the mouth.

4. Ice Massage

Massaging the cheek near the impacted tooth with an ice-cube rolled in a towel for 5 minutes will provide a soothing impact and minimize the swelling.

5. Oral Numbing Gel

These gels are readily available OTC for topical application on the affected area. The gel will provide relief from excruciating pain just temporarily.

6. Oral Hygiene

Oral health is the really vital part of home care. Brush your teeth with soft toothbrush, particularly those affected part. Flossing assists in getting rid of food particles and medicated mouthwash helps in controlling infection.

Here are some expert recommendations to treat inflamed gums that can assist you a lot:

What Others Say

“I have attempted a great deal of things to enhance my tooth pain:

  • Enhancing the variety of times I brushed, but gradually and carefully near the influenced tooth, then rinsing mouth with salt water.
  • Using diluted peroxide or mouth wash consisting of peroxide to wash.
  • Keeping tea bags on the affected area will stop any bleeding as well as decrease swelling around your wisdom tooth.

These actions will help to decrease the pain and swelling but not overnight and you will have to attend to the root cause of the pain and get it dealt with. Hope it assists you, finest desires.”

Pericoronitis and Wisdom Teeth

Do all wisdom teeth have to be drawn out?

A soft-tissue development over a partially appeared wisdom tooth is referred to as an operculum. If germs become caught under the operculum, an infection called pericoronitis can establish.

Pericoronitis is among the most typical indications for emergency extraction of a wisdom tooth and normally happens when there isn’t adequate room for all the teeth in the lower jaw.

Last modified: July 25, 2017


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  1. I have actually a horizontally grown impacted wisdom tooth. I had pericoronitis a few months ago which required antibiotics for the infection. I appear to have a similar case of this now for the past couple of days with a big swollen gum, pain down right side of throat and discomfort when anything touches the area. I am washing with warm salt water however the relief is brief lived. I am seeing my dental expert next month however am out of the nation at the moment so seeing her today isn’t an option. Any ideas from any dentists/anyone with any concepts to keep me sane! Does this ever disappear without antibiotics?

  2. I got my bottom wisdom teeth drawn out 3 months earlier. Nevertheless, my gums still flare up and get swollen. Presently, my left cheek is swollen and I look fat faced. Generally its one cheek or the other. The primary factor this takes place is because I believe I aggravate it with crunchy “sharp” foods like some cereals and chips. The food may “cut” or go into my gum and after that my face will be all swollen the next day.
    Why haven’t my gums entirely heeled yet?

  3. I had all four of my wisdom teeth extracted in May, which now it is November and my bottom gums around the area still flare at times and cause my glands to swell, painful to open my mouth and also my ear hurt as well when. My dental practitioner stated that it takes 6months to a year to completely recover. But when do you understand if its an infection or not?

  4. I simply got my bottom wisdom teeth secured and it I developed dry sockets and my doctor provided me 5mg percocet and it didn’t even assist at all, I was in so much pain and so I searched for natural home remedy for it and it and I’ve been using Eugenol that I got from the store. Recently my gum simply flared also and my throat is beginning to get actually sore. I have no idea if it could be infected or not either, does anybody know?

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