Strong Urine Smell during Pregnancy

strong urine smell pregnancy

Your kidneys filter water and other substances from your blood to produce urine. Urine production enables your body to rid itself of waste items and other possibly harmful substances, while also managing water balance. During pregnancy, urine production increases– as does the number of times you have to urinate each day. Urine generally has only a minor smell, so an increase or change in urine smell during your pregnancy might indicate an issue.

Not all mothers can detect a strong urine odor. Mothers who report a funny odor note a more pungent smell to their urine. Undoubtedly, among the other symptoms of early pregnancy such as implantation bleeding, morning sickness, tiredness, and food cravings, a change in the odor of your urine may be barely seen. Nevertheless, a side effect of increasing hormone levels can be increased sensitivity to smells, so on the other hand you might have the ability to observe a change reasonably quickly.

Common Causes of Strong Urine Odor during Pregnancy

Urine Leakage

In addition to increased urine production, pregnancy likewise causes minor relaxation of the muscle tissue of your bladder and urethra– the tube through which urine passes from your body. This can result in some involuntary leakage of urine from your bladder, or urinary incontinence. This usually takes place when you sneeze, cough, laugh or strain. Less frequently, you may have problem holding when your urine and experience some leakage when you have to go. Even a small amount of leakage can cause a urine smell. Urine leak prevails during pregnancy, impacting 30 to 50 percent of women, inning accordance with the medical text “Maternal, Fetal, and Neonatal Physiology, 4th Edition.” It can begin as early as your first trimester.

Concentrated Urine

Urine normally has no little to no odor, however it does contain ammonia. This chemical is produced mostly by your kidneys from a by-product of protein metabolic process. The urinary concentration of ammonia is typically rather low since it’s diluted by water. However if you’re not consuming adequate water and other fluids, your urine ends up being more concentrated and may emit a strong ammonia odor. Increasing your fluid intake typically reduces this problem and assists guarantee that you do not become dehydrated– which isn’t healthy for you or your baby.

Urinary Tract and Vaginal Infections

The risk of contracting a urinary tract infection (UTI) increases during pregnancy. According to an October 2008 “European Journal of Clinical Investigation” evaluation post, about 7.4 percent of pregnant women develop a UTI– the most typical infection during pregnancy. A UTI can cause a strong and undesirable urine odor. Other possible symptoms consist of regular or painful urination, fever and back pain, although some pregnant women experience no symptoms despite the presence of bacteria in the urine.

An infection of the vaginal area called bacterial vaginosis (BV) can likewise cause an unpleasant, in some cases fishy odor. Although the infection develops in the vagina, you may discover the odor when you urinate and vaginal secretions blend with urine. Although pregnancy does not increase your risk for BV, it’s essential to seek treatment as the condition heightens your risk for entering into labor prematurely.

Next Steps and Precautions

If you’re pregnant and observe an unusual urine odor, it’s crucial to see your doctor to identify the cause and proper treatment. Specific issues are easily fixed. For example, consuming more fluids typically eliminates the odor brought on by focused urine. Use of panty liners and pelvic floor exercises can help if you have urinary leakage. A urinary tract or vaginal infection requires medical treatment as soon as possible. Call your doctor immediately if you experience urine odor accompanied by fever, chills or back pain. These symptoms may signify a kidney infection, which needs instant antibiotic treatment.

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