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Issue and worry are the 2 most typical feelings when faced with smelly urine. A range of causes like dehydration and urinary tract infection are possible and understanding more about this condition can prevent a more serious problem from establishing.

Smelly urine can be in male or female, nhs related, during pregnancy, std, in the morning, in babies, early pregnancy, and discharge, but no pain, after intercourse, in toddler, with burning, with sweat, with cancer, with blood, with diarrhea, with stomach pain, with nausea, with high blood pressure, with stool, with poop, with bleeding, with constipation, after delivery, after birth, with back pain, but no uti, before period, before labor, with bloated stomach, with bladder infection, but no other symptoms, at brown discharge.

Reasons for Smelly Urine

The most common causes of smelly urine are detailed listed below. It is very important to understand about these conditions to address any problems prior to they become a more serious issue.

1. Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

Germs can get in the urinary system and grow and multiply in number. The end result is smelly urine and pain.

Other symptoms consist of burning, frequency of urination, abdominal or back pain and cloudy urine, night sweats and chills.

Treatment consists of drinking plenty of water and cranberry juice. Your doctor will prescribe a course of prescription antibiotics to eliminate the microbial infection.

2. Vaginitis

Vaginal infections and inflammation lead to a bad odor from the vaginal area. Common causes are germs, yeast and sexually transmitted conditions. Some symptoms consist of smelly vaginal discharge, unpleasant urination, pain during sex, and vaginal itching.

A doctor can evaluate the cause and prescribe antibiotics or antifungal medication to treat the problem. OTC creams may also aid with symptoms.

3. Prostatitis

The prostate imitates a sponge and increases in size throughout the years. Men with prostatitis often experience bladder infection symptoms such as smelly urine, seriousness and discomfort in the lower abdomen, groin or lower back.

Treatment includes appropriate hydration and a 10-day course of antibiotics. Resistant cases are treated with a longer course of antibiotic therapy or intravenous prescription antibiotics.

4. Kidney Stones

Smelly urine can take place due to kidney stones. Several types of kidney stones exist and the urine will frequently be pink or bloody in appearance. Flank, back and lower abdominal pain can be extreme with this condition.

Treatment consists of pain control, hydration and periodically a procedure to remove the kidney stone is needed. Lots of small stones will pass on their own. A microbial infection together with a kidney stone can become major and hospitalization may be required up until the stone can be removed.

5. Dehydration

Highly concentrated urine has a strong smelly smell due to the build-up of waste items. The most typical odor is ammonia and enhancing fluid intake is a simple way to treat dehydration.

6. Foods, Drinks and Vitamin Supplements

A range of foods and supplements alter the odor of urine. Many recognize with the particular urine odor after consuming asparagus. Coffee and caffeine also modify the smell of urine. Vitamin B6 will commonly change the odor of urine after taking this supplement.

7. Medications

Prescription antibiotics typically alter the smell of urine. You might note yeast or fungus-like smell as some antibiotics such as penicillin, are stemmed from mold. Other medications will modify the normal smell of urine and may change the color also, such as nutritional multivitamin supplements.

8. Liver Problems

The liver processes waste and removes them in the urine and stool. A liver that is cannot operate properly will change the look of the urine and produce extremely dark, smoky and even brown-green urine. This signifies a really major issue and medical attention is required. The smell will typically be bad and may smell like ammonia or worse.

9. Diabetes

As the body loses the capability to manage sugar, it builds up in the urine and leads to increased urine excretion. The odor is frequently sweet smelling and will be exceptionally sticky due to the additional sugar material. Extreme thirst and weight loss are also signs of new onset diabetes.

See a doctor whenever this condition is suspected. Preserving a healthy diet and controlling blood sugar levels with medications, diet and exercise are important steps to manage diabetes.

10. Pregnancy

As the baby grows and hormones change, the woman is more prone to bladder infections and vaginal discharge. Both of these can produce smelly urine. Any pregnant person with these symptoms must see a doctor to examine further. Unattended bladder infections can result in premature labor.

11. Phenylketonuria

This is an inherited condition that affects metabolism. Individuals with PKU can not process phenylalanine in the diet. The urine can smell strong, moldy and even mouse-like. A lot of cases are identified after birth due to screening procedures, however sometimes milder cases are identified later on. The diet must be changed to omit phenylalanine.

12. Maple Syrup Disease

This is another genetic disease and the urine will smell like maple syrup. Particular nutritional proteins can not be broken down and the diet needs to be drastically become avoid brain damage and death.

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