Does Sleeping with Wet Hair Cause Headaches?

Going to sleep with wet hair is not harmless.

Although professionals have proven that the myths that sleeping with wet hair will cause pneumonia or a cold are incorrect, this habit does have other effects on your health.

Possible complications

1. It will cause headaches. Unlike in non-REM sleep, the body temperature increases in REM sleep. Your head that is covered in a towel will get warm and the increase in temperature and the humidity can cause a headache.

2. Causes fungus. It is no secret that pillows are a ‘home’ for allergen and bacteria because they soak up sweat, dead skin cells and oils from the body, according to Wet hair will moisten the towel, and it will transfer the wetness to the pillowcase and the pillow then, in mix with heat, pillows end up being fertile ground for the growth of fungi.

We do not typically have the time to put the pillowcase and pillow out in the fresh air in the early morning, particularly in winter, and that adds to the development of bacteria.

3. Hair breakage. During the night we sleep on our hair, which is bad for it because it causes it to break quickly, particularly when wet.

Advice: You need to take care only if you sleep with your hair covered in a towel. Wearing it throughout the day is harmless.

can sleeping with wet hair cause a headache?

Can sleeping with wet hair cause a headache?

What other say

If you have problems with cold or quickly capture a cold then sleeping with wet hair might cause some discomfort in the form of headaches or perhaps nose blocks. The medical reason for this is that when we sleep with wet hair it does not dry fast and our scalp tends to soak this extra water through osmosis. So our cells in the scalp get more water than they need and if you are prone to get a cold quickly then you will get a nose block and also due to the fact that of this water retention in your head your head might feel much heavier than usual. so often it induces a headache. But like somebody said … not everybody gets a headache or nose obstruct if they sleep with wet hair.

It’s somewhat true, I cannot sleep with wet hair due to the fact that it provides me truly bad headaches but I know some individuals who do not get headaches at all from sleeping with wet hair. So I think if depends on the individual. Sleeping with wet hair can also make you sick too if it’s cold adequate or cool air (like a fan or a breeze from a window) is blowing on you.

Is it true that going to sleep with wet hair cause headaches? Yes, its true. Although, I believe taking a warm bath is rather relaxing and revitalizing for mind and body after a tiring day. But it can be bothersome if the room temperature or weather outside is not beneficial and you are vulnerable to capturing cold easily and it also causes numbness and headache. If your hair is moist the wetness will get locked inside and will remain in the scalp, in medical termas it might lead to ‘blood tension meridian occlusion’ and a huge risk to health. So if you’re washing your hairs at night or perhaps during daytime in early cold mornings, make certain you dry your head and body properly, especially for females with long hairs to prevent numbness, dizziness and headache.

Last modified: August 5, 2016


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