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When your scalp injures or itches, you may feel an overwhelming desire to touch or scratch it. When you do that, the pain or itchiness simply seems to get worse. The issue may get so bad that you might begin to lose hair in the influenced areas of your head. Why does the scalp hurt? What are the solutions for scalp hurt?

Why Does the Scalp Hurt?

Scalp hurts can be when hair grows, when you touch/move my hair, and itches, after ponytail, cause hair loss, when hair is dirty, in one spot, after not washing hair, after dying hair or losing hair, after wearing hat, when brushing hair, at crown, after coloring hair, after sleeping. There are numerous things that can cause your scalp to harm. The possible causes of this issue include:

1. Harsh chemicals

One of the most common reasons for a painful scalp is the use of harsh chemicals that can lead to sores on the scalp. Hair coloring and shampoos which contain salt laureth sulfate are particularly extreme and continued usage of these items will remove the hair and scalp of the natural protective oils.

2. Fungal infection

Sores on the scalp may be a result of a fungal infection such as ringworm. Ringworm produces round, red patches on the scalp that might be very itchy. When scratched, a secondary infection and inflammation may happen. With a fungal infection, you might observe loss of hair in the contaminated areas.

3. Microbial infection

In addition to fungal infections, microbial infections such as impetigo or folliculitis can lead to an uncomfortable scalp. These infections of the skin and hair follicles can cause red, swollen areas on the scalp that frequently include pus.

4. Viral infection

Viral infections such as shingles and chickenpox can appear on the scalp. Uncomfortable and scratchy, these infections can result in scratching and secondary microbial infections of the scalp.

5. Fungus tinea

Fungus tinea is a really infectious infection of the scalp generally seen in youngsters. This infection results in red, itchy spots on the scalp and peeling of the skin. You may also see secondary bacterial infections due to scratching of the areas.

6. Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a body immune system disease in which the body starts changing skin cells at a rate that is much faster than normal. These immature cells start to accumulate and form the characteristic scaly skin of psoriasis. This condition on the scalp can result in pain, sores, and hair loss.

7. Chemotherapy

If you are going through chemotherapy treatments, among the negative effects is a scalp that harms before hair loss occurs. In females, about 20 percent will experience pain before loss of hair happens; in men, less than 10 percent credit report this pain.

8. Contraction headache

If you experience headaches caused by muscle contractions, the contraction might really cause your scalp to harm. The pain may be intense enough that it will be painful when you brush your hair. This scalp pain typically goes away as the headache subsides.

9. Extreme scalp oil

If your hair and scalp are excessively oily, the skin of your scalp might end up being inflamed and sore. You may also have an extremely scratchy scalp resulting in scratching and possible secondary infections.

10. Contact dermatitis

Contact dermatitis is an allergy to some compound in the environment. When you enter contact with the compound, sore areas might develop anywhere on the body, consisting of the scalp.

scalp hurts when hair is dirty

11. Tension

Anxiety can lead to spots on the scalp and can also keep areas triggered by other conditions to recover more slowly.

12. Other causes

There are other less typical reasons your scalp might hurt. Acne, dry skin, hair that is pulled back into a tight design and excessive combing and brushing of long, heavy hair may result in a sore scalp.

Treatments for sore scalp

Solutions for Scalp Hurt consist of:

1. Prevent products that contain salt laurel sulfate

Salt laurel sulfate (SLS) is among the harsh chemicals that can harm the hair and scalp. Present in about 90 % of commercially offered hair shampoos, SLS can cause swelling to the skin and retardation of hair growth. It can likewise avoid recovery of sores that exist on the scalp. Search for hair care products that do not include this chemical.

2. Usage certain essential oils for massage

A mix of melaleuca, margosa, rosemary and lavender essential oils can assist to recover sores that are triggering scalp pain. In a glass of warm water, include a half teaspoon each of melaleuca and margosa and a tablespoon each of rosemary and lavender. Mix it well and massage it carefully into your hair and scalp. Leave it in for 15-20 minutes before cleaning it out. The combined antiseptic result of these oils will decrease the pain and help in the healing process.

3. Take medications if essential

For fungal and microbial causes of scalp pain, your doctor may desire you to utilize anti-fungal skin creams or shampoo. Miconazole and ketoconazole are often suggested for fungi infections. For microbial infections, your physician might recommend an antibiotic cream or pill.

4. Take preventive steps

Naturally, prevention is the very best remedy and an unpleasant scalp can generally be prevented.

  • Initially, keep your hair and scalp clean, however do moist it out by cleaning frequently. Depending upon what you are doing, a thorough washing is probably necessary only 2 or 3 times weekly.
  • Make use of a great mild shampoo. When you wash your hair, make certain to clean your hairbrush and comb. Do not share your hairbrush and teach your children not to share.

Notes: Do not delay in seeing your healthcare provider if you have sores on your scalp often or for extended periods. The carrier can help determine the cause of the sores and provide proper treatment. Bear in mind that antibiotic, antifungal, and antiviral medications need to typically be recommended by your service provider. The earlier you begin definitive treatment, the less likely you will be to establish additional problems.

Last Update - September 23, 2017


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