Rhinitis and Stuffy Nose During Pregnancy

Nasal Congestion during Pregnancy

Rhinitis symptoms

Believe it or not, it’s pretty common to have a runny or stuffed-up nose during pregnancy. Approximately 30 percent of pregnant women have congestion without having allergies or a viral infection like the common cold. This condition even has a name: rhinitis of pregnancy.

It can start as early as your second month and tends to aggravate later on in pregnancy. The congestion must relieve up soon after you give birth and be gone completely within 2 weeks after delivery.

Greater quantities of estrogen during pregnancy can add to swelling in the mucous membranes lining the nose and even cause you to make more mucus. What’s more, the amount of blood in your body boosts during pregnancy, which may cause swelling in the small capillary in the lining of your nose and congestion in the surrounding tissue. Other hormonal agents might also play a role.

Other Causes of Nasal Congestion during Pregnancy

If you have no other symptoms, it’s probably rhinitis of pregnancy. If your stuffy nose is accompanied by sneezing, coughing, a sore throat, moderate pains and discomforts, or possibly swollen glands or a fever, you probably do have a cold or another infection.

By the way, sinus infections are more common in pregnancy. If you have symptoms of sinusitis, such as fever, headache, green or yellow mucus, facial pain or pressure (which may feel worse when you flex forward), an upper jaw ache, or a decreased sense of smell, call your caregiver.

On the other hand, if you have a stuffy or runny nose with watery mucus, in addition to sneezing and itchy eyes, nose, throat, or ears, then allergies are a likely perpetrator. Allergic reactions during pregnancy are unforeseeable: They may improve or get worse, or you may find that you’re sensitive to irritants and other irritants that never troubled you in the past.

Obviously, you will not constantly be able to inform what’s triggering your blockage, and it’s possible that there’s more than one cause. For example, you might be experiencing allergic reactions as well as rhinitis of pregnancy.

How to Relief Congested Nose

Drink plenty of fluids and keep your head elevated during the night. These steps can likewise be practical:

  • Steam can temporarily ease congestion and it’s frequently really relaxing. Take a warm shower and hang out for a while later in the steamy bathroom. Or moisten a washcloth with hot water, hold it approximately your face, and breathe.
  • Try saline nose drops or a buffered saline nasal spray, available nonprescription at the drugstore. Spritz or leak a bit into each nostril and within 5 or ten minutes you should have the ability to blow your nose more easily.
  • Use a humidifier or vaporizer to put more wetness into the air and keep it near your head in the evening. Make certain to follow the cleaning directions that featured your humidifier. Change the water daily because it can become a breeding ground for bacteria. You’ll need to change the filter typically also.
  • Use extra pillows to raise your head when lying down to rest or sleep. (This can help eliminate heartburn, too.)
  • Exercise sometimes assists to alleviate a stuffy nose. Avoid exercising outdoors on days when there’s a great deal of air contamination, which may aggravate your nasal passages and make your congestion even worse.
  • Avoid possible irritants, such as cigarette smoke, alcohol, paint and chemical fumes (all of which you need to be preventing anyhow!), along with anything that triggers your symptoms. Quit alcohol and smoking completely.

What Can I Take for a Stuffy Nose While Pregnant?

If your congestion continues to make you unpleasant, tell your professional about your symptoms and ask which medications are safe for you to attempt. It’s usually best to prevent taking any medications during your first trimester, when your baby’s organs are forming, unless it’s truly essential (for instance, to control asthma) and has been recommended by your caretaker.

If your specialist states it’s fine, you can try a decongestant. Prevent overusing decongestant nasal sprays, though, due to the fact that they can cause rebound inflammation and make your congestion much worse.

Last Update - September 24, 2017


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