Pure Barre While Pregnant

pure barre while pregnant

If you’ve been practicing Pure Barre frequently, there’s no reason to stop just because you’ve got a young child on board. With your doctor’s consent, Pure Barre is a terrific method to exercise securely throughout the next nine months. It can assist you keep your legs, seat, hips, and arms toned without any effect, along with keep things moving and flowing and offer you some comfort.

Pure Barre Workouts While Pregnant

Here, we speak with a few studio owners about their experiences bring babies at the barre:

Baby on Board

Brook Nash, owner of Pure Barre-Savannah, states Pure Barre helped her keep a healthy weight throughout her third pregnancy, although she customized particular positions from the beginning.

“It’s so important to be in tune with your body,” she states.

Brooke encourages other moms-to-be by providing an unique Baby on Board package at her studio. “It’s an incentive for clients to stay with it,” she states. “Don’t use pregnancy as a reason to stop.”

Energy Bump

Ellen Burnholz, who owns two Pure Barre studios in Western New Jersey and is set to open a 3rd, states it’s essential for people to pay attention to their bodies, and talk to trainers about ways to customize exercises. Don’t hesitate to ask concerns.

“For me, Pure Barre made a big difference how I felt during my pregnancy and my recovery,” Ellen says.

Bouncing Back

Rachel True opened her Pure Barre studio in Chicago’s Old Town while she was 6 months into her first pregnancy. Rachel discovered Pure Barre helped her combat fatigue, a typical symptom throughout pregnancy.

“I discovered when I took a day of rest I felt truly tired,” she states. “After Pure Barre my energy would return up.”

Rachel states there were days she didn’t push as difficult. She suggests clients talk with their doctors about doing Pure Barre throughout pregnancy. If there are no issues, she states Pure Barre can set the stage for successful post-baby recovery.

“I feel like my bounce back has in fact been actually easy. I believe a lot of it related to doing Pure Barre while I was pregnant,” she states.

How to Make Correction in Pure Barre During Pregnancy

Come a little early to class to meet with the teacher, let them understand about your pregnancy, and discuss suitable adjustments.

Check with your local studio for Baby on Board plans. Stay tuned for next Wednesday’s blog site, as Brooke, Ellen and Rachel share their ideas to “Bounce Back after Baby” at Pure Barre.

Pure Barre Pregnancy Modifications

I’ve been taking Pure Barre now for a little over a month and its become my go-to pregnancy workout. There are, obviously, a great deal of modifications I have to make during the class, specifically when it concerns ab work. The studio I participate in was actually accommodating in revealing me the various pregnancy modifications and gave me a list of directions, so I thought I ‘d share them in this post for other mamas-to-be who are taking Pure Barre. Once again, I’m obviously not a medical professional, so you must constantly consult with your doctor first and pay attention to your body during class!


Hundreds: Keep your legs bent at the knees and either hold on under your thighs bringing your chin to your chest or rest your head on the ball and do the arm movements.

Roll Up: Keep your knees bent, feet flat on the floor, hold on under thighs to assist yourself sit up. (Note: I find this takes too much effort for me, so I sort of improvise during this part).

Slabs: Do them all from your knees.

Pushups: Do them from your knees with shins to floor.

Thigh and Seat Work

All are fine without adjustment however take a breather if you need to! In seat, if you feel too much pull on your lower back while doing full folder, fold your arms on the barre and hop in better for more support.


Keep your bottom knee bent and bottom foot on flooring in addition to hang on to your leg the whole time.


Keep your feet on the flooring at all times. You can stay flat footed, on your heels or on your toes and just follow whatever movement the class is finishing with your feet on the flooring. If the workout requires rotation, only turn a tiny bit.


Use the ball behind your lower back and hang on. When the exercise involves rotation, just rotate a tiny bit. For the 2nd part of abs when we roll back, use the modifications from the hundreds in the warm-up or remain sitting upright with the ball and imitate the movement of the class.

For the last part of abs where we are on our backs doing little lower curls, either participate with somewhat bent legs, or if you’re not comfortable on your back, avoid it and move on to cat/cow stretching.

Cobra Stretch

Do cat/cow instead.

Back Extension

Extend one arm and one leg; switch when class is half-way through workout.

Last modified: September 5, 2017


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