Percentage of Body Fat for Females: What Is Normal and What Is Not?

Many things contribute in a person’s body composition, including gender, diet, fitness level, genetics and activity level.

Understanding Percentage of Body Fat for Females

When assessing body fat, it is necessary to remember that it’s not just high levels of fat that can be a risk, but also levels that are too low. The ideal level of body fat isn’t really constantly the lowest and varies with each individual.

What Is Low?

This classification usually includes elite female athletes. For women ages 19 to 29, anything under 19 percent is considered low. Women ages 30 to 39 should be under 21 percent, while women in their 40s should be under 24 percent to be classified as low body fat. Women 50 years old and older who are less than 28 percent body fat are included in the low body fat classification. Having insufficient body fat could affect muscle function and other body systems.

What Is Normal Percentage of Fat?

Many women who work out frequently and remain in excellent condition are consisted of in the “healthy” body fat range. Women ages 19 to 29 whose body fat is in between 19 to 22 percent are included in the healthy range. Likewise included are women ages 30 to 39 with body fat between 20 to 24 percent. Women in their 40s with body fat in between 23 percent and 27 percent, and women 50 and older with body fat from 27 to 31 percent are well within the healthy series of body fat.

Fat in Females

Still Acceptable

Women with body fat in the acceptable range are those that could improve their body structure and overall wellness by reducing it somewhat, but also do not have any health-related problems caused by excess body fat, according to The acceptable varieties for category are in between 22 percent and 25 percent for women agess19 to 29, 23 percent and 28 percent for women in their 30s, 26 percent and 31 percent for women in their 40s, and between 31 percent and 34 percent for women ages 50 and older.

When Your Body Fat Is High?

The “high” body fat classification is transitional in nature in between the acceptable and overweight categories. Just a small portion of women are included in this classification, as most fall either above or listed below this classification. The varieties for this classification are in between 25 percent and 30 percent for women ages 19 to 29, 26 percent and 32 percent for women in their 30s, 29 percent and 34 percent for women in their 40s, and between 34 percent and 38 percent for women ages 50 and older.


The obese classification is the most crucial and dangerous category. Women who are in this classification ought to work with health-care specialists to do whatever is essential to obtain their body fat minimized to the acceptable variety. Many health-related medical conditions are associated with obesity and they include but are not restricted to heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, specific cancers and others. Women ages 19 to 29 who are above 30 percent remain in the obese classification. For women in their 30s, the number is anything above 31 percent, and the percentage for women in their 40s is anything above 33 percent. As women go through menopause, it affects weight gain and loss which makes it harder to stay under the 37 percent category line.

Perfect Fat Percentage in Women Body

Essential Fat 10-13%
Athletes 14-20%
Fitness 21-24%
Average 25-31%
Obese 32%+

Last modified: September 13, 2016


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