Pain Under Left Rib Cage

pain under left rib cage after exercise

The chest, likewise known as thoracic cavity, is a location that is most susceptible to mishaps, and exposed to injury. It surrounds the chest muscles by supporting the shoulder girdle. The chest frames a a great deal of crucial organs and discomforts in this area can be due to an underlying medical condition of these organs. A pain in the chest location is commonly a cause of alarm due to the possibility of heart pains.

However, it is very important to comprehend that not all pain in the rib cage suggest significant medical conditions. Having a correct understanding of exactly what triggers pain under left chest and surrounding locations can be helpful when deciding whether the pain is a minimal matter or a medical emergency.

What Causes Pain Under Left Rib Cage?

There can be a variety of reasons for experiencing pain in left side under ribs. These can be due to injuries, sever health problems or some underlying condition. Following are a few of the most typical attributes of pain in the left rib cage area:

  • Heartburn or heartburn – This is a common reason for pain in the left side of the ribs. This might be activated as a result because of over-consumption of acidic foods or drinks that generally cause heartburn. The pain is sharp and often incorrect as a chest pain. Some might experience a bloated sensation due to absence of stomach acid to break down the food.
  • Spleen irritation – Irritation or rapture of the spleen can also trigger pain and pain under the left chest. Pain in the left shoulder pointers is included signs of a spleen rapture or damage.
  • Gas in the colon – Also referred to as the splenic-flexure syndrome, extreme quantities of gas caught in the colon can cause pain under the ribcage. Gas in the colon can set off pain in the left upper abdominal area or the lower left chest. An individual dealing with such pain ought to sit in a chair to rid the colon of the trapped air. Consuming food that triggers indigestion can contribute to such gases.
  • Costochondritis – This is a condition that arises from an infection of cartilages that bond the ribs with the breastbone. This can be the outcome of a powerful impact of the shoulder and chest area or caused by a viral infection. Unbearable pain is experienced near the breastbone as the patient breaths heavily. Costochondritis is often times misconstrued with heart attack due to the fact that the pain normally erupts from under the breastbone. The condition needs to be identified with a physical exam.
  • Damaged rib – If the injury is in the left rib cage, then this can cause an explosive pain in left side under ribs, specifically while breathing deeply. It can be detected by taking chest x – rays.
  • Pneumothorax – The lungs collapse due to a rupture in the lung membrane and the air leakages out to the cavity between the lungs and the chest triggering pain under the rib locations. This is a condition that would require immediate medical attention.
  • Stomach ulcers – An acute pain under left chest can signify an ulcer in the stomach. This can cause pain that go up to the shoulder blade location from the rib cage area. Depending on the seriousness of the condition, the pain might last just a couple of minutes or return in periods.
  • Irritable-bowel syndrome – This is a condition which cause pain in the abdomen, bloating, and aches. It likewise interrupts regular bowl movements by causing diarrhea or constipation depending upon the influenced individual. The sharp pains under the rib cage area can lead to with the pains in the intestinal tracts.

Other conditions that trigger pain under left chest include diverticulitis, pancreatitis, Intestinal infection, swelling of the heart sac (pericarditis) and dissection of the abdominal aorta (Aneurysm).

internal organs under left rib cage

Picture: internal organs under left rib cage

So you can find following common symptoms of the pain under left rib cage:

  • while sleeping
  • after eating
  • after exercise
  • when breathing
  • during pregnancy
  • spleen
  • while pregnant
  • nhs
  • that comes and goes
  • when coughing
  • during early pregnancy
  • when taking deep breath
  • radiating to back
  • at night
  • and gas
  • and upper back
  • area
  • and side
  • and upset stomach
  • after sitting

How to recognize rib cage pain | Video

Treatment of Pain under Left Rib Cage

Dealing with pain under left rib cage can be complexed because of the wide variety of possibilities that can be causing the signs. Some conditions such as moderate muscle inflammations can be treated with a pain killer while broken ribs will require emergency situation medical interest. A ruptured spleen too will require medical intervention. In case of being diagnosed of pneumothorax, the treatment will depend upon the intensity of the condition and might require insertion of a chest tube. In case of heartburn or acid reflux, medications such as Lansoprazole, Esomeprazole, or Dexlansoprazole in addition to changes in the diet can deal with the condition.

If the pain in the left side under ribs is caused by costochondritis, then medications such as Indocin, Relafen, and OTC painkiller such as ibrufen can be made use of in the treatment of pain. If identified with irritable-bowel syndrome, laxatives are advised while a high-fiber diet would be a long term treatment.

Pain in the chest location normally results from an external injury or a strong effect that might have triggered internal damage to organs within. Broken ribs can cause agonizing pain in the underside of the ribs. A pain under left chest can be a symptom of an illness or illness affecting the organs that lie in the left side of the rib cage.

The urgency of seeking medical assistance depends on how the pain began and how sever or prolonged the pain is. Considering that a number of critical organs exist within the left side of the rib cage, ignoring pains that are consistent can be very hazardous. If persistent discomforts or sudden and sharp pains are knowledgeable and injuries are sustained to the chest, emergency medical help must be sought to avoid life threatening conditions.

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