Pain in the Lower Right Side: Symptoms and Treatments

pain in lower right side comes and goes

Pain in the lower right side may be the outcome of muscle spasms, kidney stones, appendicitis, diverticulitis or ectopic pregnancy. Offered the serious nature of the conditions associated with the signs pointed out, home treatments can only be applied for some mild diseases and the value of going to an expert can not be stressed enough.

Abdominal Pain in the Lower Right Side: Symptoms and Treatment

The following conditions may cause generalized pain in the lower right side: of back, of stomach, of abdomen, of head, of body, of stomach while pregnant, of chest, of neck, of belly, of abdomen in female, of back kidney, near or above hip, of rib cage, of belly, of the  ribs.

Muscle Spasm


Of all the muscles in the body, the stomach muscles are specifically vulnerable to spasms. This condition is the outcome of them being brief and they have the tendency to remain contracted during heavy exercises.

  • A moderate spasm can be felt as a fluttering feeling or a muscle pull with a dull pain
  • A severe spasm can result is fairly harsh, a sharp stabbing pain is felt in the muscle
  • In severe contraction, a lump may be formed under the skin suggesting a knotted muscle


There are numerous treatments for abdominal muscle spasms, it of prime significance to start treating a spasm as soon as it is felt.

  • Rubbing the afflicted location is one of the most basic and efficient method made use of in such cases.
  • Stretching the muscles by leaning backward or twisting from side to side may assist eliminate the muscle spasm.
  • Consume as much water or any beverage enhanced with electrolytes to assist your body hydrate.
  • Consuming potassium rich foods, such as the banana may also help in such cases.
  • Using heat to unwind tight stomach muscles and cold to aching or tender muscles will help matters.
  • If the muscle spasm is severe and not reacting to the measures pointed out above, no time at all ought to be wasted in speaking with a physician.

Kidney Stone


Symptoms are only felt once the stone moves within the kidney or enters the Ureter.

  • Sever pain is felt listed below the ribs in the side and back
  • A shooting pain to the lower abdomen and groin
  • The pain differs in strength can be found in the type of waves as the stone walks around the urinary system
  • Pain is felt while urinating
  • The color of the urine is dark, brown, red or pink
  • The Urine is cloudy and has a bad odor
  • The person feels sick and vomiting might occur
  • More frequent urination
  • A continuous need to urinate is felt
  • More regular urination
  • If an infection exists, the person might have a fever and may feel chills


  • For small stones, consume as much water as possible, in an effort to eliminate the system. Pain reliever can assist ease the moderate pain and pain triggered by passing a small stone. Medical therapy involves the doctor prescribing the patient medication to assist pass them.
  • Sound waves can help separate big stones, and they can likewise be surgically removed. Parathyroid gland surgery is done in cases where an over efficient parathyroid gland results in too much calcium in the body leading to the development of kidney stones in the body. A scope may likewise be made use of to eliminate stones, passing an stereoscope through the urethra the doctor utilizes devices to break down the stones capable of travelling through the urine.

Prevention Measures

  • Continuously beverage water throughout the day and pass about 2.5 liters a day.
  • If the stones formed are calcium oxalates, foods rich in oxalates must be limited. Additionally, salts in addition to food rich in animal protein must be lessened.
  • Calcium supplements have actually been connected to triggering kidney stones hence need to be spoken with by a doctor prior to use

pain in the lower right side under rib cage



  • Dull pain near the navel, upper or lower abdominal areas which ends up being sharper relocating to the lower right
  • Loss of appetite
  • Queasiness and vomiting might follow the abdominal pain
  • Swelling in the stomach
  • Feverish Temperature levels
  • Diarrhea or constipation may take place
  • Not able to pass gas


  • If the pain matches the symptoms pointed out above, no food or drinks ought to be taken nor other pain solutions such as medications, heating pads and so on which may burst the irritated appendix
  • Trigger surgery is vital in appendicitis cases
  • After the surgery, if the patient experiences uncontrolled vomiting, increased pain in the stomach, fever, diarrhea, light headedness or lightheadedness, or has blood in his vomit, urine or stool, a doctor has to be spoken with right away.



  • Belly pain which hurts more when you move
  • Fever and chills
  • Bloating and gas
  • Diarrhea or constipation
  • Feel queasiness and sometimes throwing up may occur.
  • Loss of hunger


  • Apply Heating Pad, setting it on low and placing it on your belly
  • Unwind, practice meditation or deep breathing exercises in a peaceful room
  • Take Medications, these include acetaminophen (Such as Tylenol) a pain reliever and prescription antibiotics prescribed by the doctor
  • In order to avoid diverticulitis, one have to get a high fiber diet with grains, vegetables and fruits, not to mention routine exercise and keeping your body hydrated.

Ectopic Pregnancy

An estimated 20 women in a swimming pool of 1000 have ectopic pregnancies. Many aspects enhance the chances of such pregnancies these consist of having a previous ectopic pregnancy, issues with fertility, structural issues and the choice of contraceptive etc.


  • Vaginal bleeding in little quantities
  • Queasiness and throwing up may take place
  • The patient might feel lower abdominal pain
  • Strong stomach cramping may be felt
  • Pain may be felt on one side of the body
  • The patient might feel weak and lightheaded
  • Pain may be felt in the shoulder, neck, or anus
  • In severe conditions, the fallopian tube might burst and result in fainting


  • Medications can be used to stunt the development of the pregnancy tissue, when the pregnancy has not progressed extremely far and the tube has actually not been burst.
  • Laparoscopic surgery is made use of when the pregnancy has not advanced very far and to get rid of the embryo and fix the damage.
  • Blood Tests after surgery are required to make sure the whole tubal pregnancy was gotten rid of utilizing hormone levels to make the diagnosis.
  • Treating the source, once such a pregnancy has happened, if it was caused by a treatable condition getting treated for it can improve the opportunities of being fertilized again.

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