Pain in Breast but No Lump

pain in breast but no lump

Breast pain is any discomfort, tenderness, or pain in the breast or underarm area, and it might occur for a number of reasons. Typically, breast pain is not a sign of breast cancer.

What Happen if Your Experience Pain in Breast but No Lump?

Should breast pain cause me to be worried about breast cancer? Although many women with pain in one or both breasts might be concerned that it is breast cancer, breast pain is NOT commonly a symptom of cancer.

What Causes Breast Pain?

There are a number of harmless causes for breast pain and tenderness that may mainly be related to changes in hormone levels. These can include:

  • The age of puberty in girls and sometimes for young boys, too
  • Menstruation and premenstrual syndrome (PMS).
  • Pregnancy – more often during the first trimester.
  • Days following childbirth as milk comes in Breastfeeding Mastitis, which is triggered by a milk duct that is not appropriately draining and ends up being infected, ought to be dealt with. It has no connection with cancer, however it can become a serious infection if left without treatment.
  • Menopause.

Fibrocystic Breast Tissue

Some women have bumpy breast tissue called fibrocystic breasts, which might be more painful during specific times of the month. Fibrocystic breasts are not always linked to cancer, and the lumps are fluid filled cysts instead of a mass of cells. Fibrocystic breast changes are also a common cause of breast pain. Fibrocystic breast tissue contains lumps that have the tendency to be more tender just before your menstrual period.

Particular Medications May Cause Breast Pain with no Lump

Known connections that may activate increased breast pain consist of:

  • Digitalis preparations,
  • Methyldopa (Aldomet).
  • Spironolactone (Aldactone).
  • Particular diuretics.
  • Anadrol.
  • Chlorpromazine.

When Is Breast Pain Correlated With Breast Cancer?

Breast pain is normally present to some degree with Inflammatory Breast Cancer which has other distinct symptoms also. Hardly ever, a breast growth may cause pain, but typically malignant growths are not reported as painful.

What should I do if I am experiencing breast pain?

If you experience breast pain, contact your doctor.

If You Experience Pain Along With Any Of The Following Symptoms, You Should Contact Your Physician.

  • Bloody or clear discharge from your nipple.
  • A brand-new lump with the start of the pain; lump does not disappear after your menstrual period.
  • Relentless, unexplained breast pain.
  • Signs of a breast infection, consisting of regional redness, pus, or fever.

Women Experience: Pain in Breast but Lumps In the Breast

I’m going 49yrs old thru peri menopause and recently I’ve been having breast pain it gives me pain in my arms as well as my chest. I inspect my breast routinely and cannot feel any lumps or other changes in my breasts, the pain is mainly in the left one. I also get painful joints given that beginning perimenopause. I visited my family practitioner and he inspected my breast and tells me there’s nothing to worry about. I ask him if I required a mamogram he said no … I don’t know if I should get a second opinion? Nobody in my family has actually ever had breast cancer.

I am also getting pain in my left breast, I am 35 years old, drs cannot appear to feel anything either, and no one has actually recommended doing any more testing, what sort of oain are you experienceing.

The pain reoccurs, some days I am pain totally free. The pain is dull and more inside my breast and goes to my arms and wrist too. It’s more the left side breast. I do not know if it’s in my rib cage. Doctor checked my breast last week states he can’t feel anything? I check my breast every week when I’m in the shower to feel for anything unusual. I do not know, if it’s the menopause as my hormones are truly messing me up.

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