Normal Size of Uterus

size of normal uterus

The uterus is the biggest organ of the female reproductive system and where the entire gestation is performed. The implantation of fed egg and development occurs in the uterus. It has been popular that a healthy uterus is required for having a regular pregnancy and for great health of the female. So, you may have lots of questions about uterus, among which may include the typical size of it. Keep checking out to discover the response.

What Is the Normal Size of Uterus?

The size of uterus is figured out by using three dimensions:

  • Length which is determined from the fundus to the external opening. Often the length is also measured from the anteroposterior section. The maximum length of midsagittal section in anteroposterior direction is measured.
  • The cross section of the fundus will figure out the width of the uterus which ought to likewise be thought about.
    The third dimension is the density of the uterus.

Normal size of uterus in inches & mm

The age of the lady and the hormonal condition will determine the size of the uterus. Before obtaining puberty, the size of uterus is 35mm/1,4in x 10mm/0,4in (length & anteroposterior diameter). Once the lady obtains puberty, due to the hormonal modifications, the uterus becomes pear formed. The normal size of uterus at this time is 76mm/3in x 45mm/1,8in x 30mm/1,2in (length, width, density). The volume keeps changing depending on the menstruation from 75 cc to 200 cc. Usually, the typical size of the uterus is around the size of the fist of the woman, and weighs around 100– 200 grams.

normal size of uterus

Normal size of uterus in female

While you ought to understand the uterus undergoes drastic modification during pregnancy so that it can fit the growing baby. At full term of pregnancy, the normal size of uterus is five times the original size and the volume is nearly 500 times more than what it was prior to conception. Even without the baby and placenta, the uterus will be 15 times heavier. When the baby is born, the uterus starts shrinking to obtain back to normal size.

Enlarged Uterus? Why?

Women of various age groups can have an enlarged uterus brought on by various factors which could be physiological, malignancy or gynecological. Pregnancy is a normal and typical physiological cause where the normal size of uterus boosts. Uterine cancer and metastases are malignant causes of enlarged uterus and gynecological causes are uterine fibroids and adenomyosis.

1. Fibroids

Amongst the most common types of pelvic growths, uterine fibroids affect around 70% of women after 45 years of age. A uterine fibroid is likewise called as leiomyoma and kinds due to smooth muscle cell proliferation. They are benign, located in any part of uterus and can cause irregular periods, pain, infertility and extreme bleeding.

2. Adenomyosis

When the endometrial tissue implants into the uterine wall, it is referred to adenomyosis, which causes inflamed and evenly bigger uterus. This condition is seen in around 20% women and causes irregular periods, no periods and painful sex.

3. Uterine Cancer

Another common condition where the uterus is enlarged is uterine cancer. It can be carcinoma or sarcoma, which causes pain in the pelvis, and bleeding after menopause. It impacts around 10% of menopausal women.

Diminishing Uterus? Why?

Another condition where the normal size of uterus is altered is shrinking uterus, which can be caused due to the following issues:

1. Thickening of the Uterus Lining

The growth in the muscle wall reduces the size of the lumen, leading to reduced volume of the uterus. In this condition, the uterus can become significantly smaller and the size is adversely influenced.

2. Age and Hormone

The normal size of uterus is impacted by the age of the female. Due to menopause, there is decrease in the level of hormones which cause the uterus to shrink.

3. Other Causes

If there is dropped or prolapsed uterus, the size of uterus likewise reduces, with a great deal of variation in the seriousness of the symptoms. In moderate cases, there may be no symptoms, while in severe condition, there will be numerous symptoms. These include sensation thickness or fullness in the hips, leaking of urine, inability to clear the bladder entirely, tissue coming out of the vagina, feeling constipated and back pain, etc.


Normal size of uterus is around the size of your fist and changes during numerous durations. Focus on enlarged or diminishing uterus for any issues.

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  1. Looking for a little assistance here. I just had my first post-myomectomy ultrasound and here are my uterus measurements: 9.25 x 3.6 x 4.02 cm. This is smaller sized than pre-surgery, however I’m not exactly sure if it’s back to normal yet. I will get my official outcomes next week, but I was simply questioning in the meantime. Anybody know what a normal size is expected to be?

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