Is Menopause Reversal Possible?

Menopause is something that the majority of women fear. It appears to be a turning point that they reach in which they feel they have lastly gone over the hill and become old. There is no specific age where this happens to each female however for the most part the procedure typically starts right at around the age of 40 to 45. There are also some women who may experience menopause as early as 35 due to some sort of hormonal problem or as a result of a health problem such as cancer.

Early menopause has actually left a lot of women wishing that there were something that could be done to reverse the process, consequently extending the quantity of fertile years they have. Thankfully, today there might be something that can do just that and that is called menopause reversal. Doctors have actually been checking out different treatments and treatments to assist a woman who is going through or who has actually gone through menopause reverse the process and start to ovulate again.

What Is Menopause?

When a woman reaches what is often called a change in life, she stops ovulating and a variety of other hormonal modifications work. This takes place naturally most of the times as a part of the aging procedure. As soon as the body stops ovulating, this sets off a chain of other events. To start with, with the absence of ovulation comes the absence of the possibility to become pregnant. As ovulation stops so does the production of a hormone called progesterone which is necessary in combating the impacts of estrogen, another female hormone that is launched in the body. A woman does not stop producing estrogen when she reaches menopause. Since there is no progesterone present after menopause the estrogen has the ability to reach excessive levels and can lead to a variety of unwanted impacts such as weight gain, water retention, osteoporosis, hot flashes and much more.

How Menopause  Can Be Reversed?

Menopause reversal is still in its experimental stages and is still a secret to lots of physicians. However, there has been success in the limited number of women who have had the procedure done. Essentially, during the procedure, ovarian tissue that has actually been obtained by the patient and frozen from an earlier moment is transplanted. Once this tissue is implanted into place it starts to produce the female hormonal agents that were naturally produced prior to menopause. This in turn works to completely reverse menopause and cause a female to begin ovulating again. It will likewise help to eliminate any of the other unfavorable impacts that have been induced by the over production of estrogen.

Who Is Perfect for This Procedure?

This procedure is most recommended to women who for some reason or another have actually gone through early menopause. Possibly they have gone through their menopause too early due to disease or just due to the fact that of something hereditary. In any case, a lady who would like to extend the number of years she is able to get pregnant will be an ideal prospect for menopause reversal. At this time the procedure is not suggested for older women as they will not have enough eggs present, making the procedure a waste of cash for them in terms of fertility. For women who are older there are some hormone replacement therapies that might prove more beneficial. More research will be performed over the next years so that this procedure may end up being possible for older women as well.

What Are the Advantages of Menopause Reversal?

Besides the sheer delight of being able to experience youth and put a temporary halt to the procedure of aging, women who have this procedure will likewise be able to take advantage of a range of other preferable results that having menopause reversal can offer. The most typical factor for women to have this procedure is so that they can conceive and have a child where they otherwise would not have had the ability to. Some of the included benefits include decreasing other things such as bone loss and other unwanted aging impacts that can happen after menopause.

Exist Risks?

There is no such thing as a medical procedure that does not come with some sort of risk attached to it. This procedure is no various. So far menopause reversal has just proven efficient in women who have actually used their own ovarian tissue. There appears to be a risk of the body declining donor tissue and for this reason a lady who wanted to have the procedure utilizing a donor would be compelled to take some sort of medications that would assist her body to accept the foreign tissue. Medications that are frequently used in transplant patients. These medications are well-known for a number of different side effects. There is also always a conventional risk of infection with any sort of surgery.

If this is something you have an interest in learning more about, the best thing for you to do is speak with your doctor about it. Bear in mind that menopause reversal is brand-new and there may not be many medical professionals who are knowledgeable and even informed on it. You can carry out a Google search to find a list of doctors who offer this service. You might also wish to make certain that the procedure is approved in whatever nation you reside in also.

Last modified: August 12, 2016


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