How Many Sperm Does an Average Ejaculation Contain

Of course you have actually measured your penis to See How Your Member Matches Up, but you’ve probably never taken the steps to really quantify how your after-sex eruptions compare to that of other guys.

How Much Sperm Does Average Male Ejaculate?

Great deals of people stress over whether the volume of their climax is cause for concern, states Daniel Williams, M.D., an associate teacher in the department of urology and director of male reproductive medication and microsurgery at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health.

And since men don’t really measure it, it can be hard to even evaluate what they’re dispatching.

According to criteria developed by the World Health Organization, the typical volume of climax for men is 3.7 ml, or roughly three-quarters of a teaspoonful.

Even if your eruptions don’t quite struck that standard, you still might be completely normal. But if you’re just producing 1.5 ml or less of the sticky stuff– less than one-third of a teaspoon– that’s when you might need further evaluation.

“Levels under that– or having a noticeable change– can raise your suspicion that a man may have a hidden concern that’s contributing to the low volume of his climax,” says Dr. Williams.

Is Low Semen Volume Definitely a Problem?

Simply as erectile function decreases with age, ejaculation volume generally follows a similar course, says Dr. Williams.

So if you’ve been seeing a progressive reduction in the quantity that you’re spurting, state, over the last 5 or 10 years, it may just be a regular, age-related decrease. And this can really begin in any years of life. Better to pay attention to ‘how long can sperm live‘.

“In some men, it can begin in their 20s and 30s, however many men may not see any changes up until in the future,” he says.

What’s more worrying is if you’ve simply seen a plain difference in the amount of your squirt. This can signal something else is going on.

What Causes Low Semen Volume?

There are a number of hidden conditions that can result in a low ejaculation volume.

You’re most likely most familiar with something called hypogonadism, the official term for low testosterone. Along with making it hard to, well, get hard, low T can also reduce the quantity of ejaculate you’re producing.

You may also feel other nonspecific symptoms like fatigue, weakness, or trouble concentrating– all aspects which need to trigger your doc to inspect you for low testosterone, Dr. Williams states.

how much sperm does average male ejaculate

One condition you may not have thought about, though, is diabetes. If your blood glucose has actually been haywire for a while, it can harm the nerves and your blood vessels.

This can make it harder for the nerve signals to communicate, which might result in erectile dysfunction and ejaculation problems.

Diabetics are likewise most likely to develop A Surprising Condition Called Retrograde Ejaculation, where the semen spurts back into the bladder rather of out the tip of the penis.

Other neurological problems, such as multiple sclerosis or spinal cord injuries, can likewise cause low semen volume in a comparable way.

You might likewise discover a decrease in the volume of your ejaculations if you have an enlarged prostate, take meds like alpha blockers– which treat high blood pressure or urinary problems– or if you’ve recently had an abdominal surgery.

What Should You Do If You Think You’re Spurting Less?

Feeling like you’re dribbling when you must be splashing can toss any person for a loop.

In fact, according to a recent Brazilian study, men who were unhappy with the amount of their climax scored lower on measures of mental and connection health than people who were unconcerned with it, according to

“Some men do relate to their sexual function and perceive their ejaculatory function as sort of a marker of their potency, or a mark of their manliness,” states Dr. Williams. “If they see that their sexual function has reduced, that can impact other domains of their lives.”

So it’s not something you ought to stress about calmly– some of the causes of low semen volume can be treated.

That’s why if you see a substantial decrease in the volume of your ejaculation, it’s a smart idea to make an appointment with a urologist so you can be evaluated for ejaculatory dysfunction, Dr. Williams states.

This might include tests for some of the prospective causes, such as low testosterone or diabetes. Your doc will likewise evaluate your medical and surgical history to see if any conditions or medications might be contributing to your low semen volume.

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