Lump on Ankle

lump on ankle after injury

Because the reasons for swellings on ankle are various, it is important to figure out the origin then follow the treatment procedure properly to avoid any complications.

Occurring in any age group or population, ankle swelling is a localized area of swelling or protuberance in the ankle. Ankle lumps are also described as ankle bump, nodule, contusion, growth or cyst. It can take place either in one ankle or both at the same time with the possibility of having multiple swellings at the very same time. The swellings can be soft or firm to touch, agonizing or pain-free, quickly growing in size or might not alter either.

What Causes Lump on Ankle?

Ankle lumps can be caused due to a range of reasons like inflammatory diseases, injury, infection, benign cysts, growths as well as cancer.


The different types of trauma which can trigger ankle swelling are ankle dislocation, sprain, and fracture in the lower leg, foot or ankle, hematoma in the ankle or advancement of scar tissue in the ankle from previous injury or surgery.


Viral or microbial infections can cause ankle lumps. If they are left ignored, they can trigger secondary illnesses and other issues as well. Some of the infections triggering ankle swellings are abscesses, boils, infected wound, cellulitis and scratch or bite from cats contaminated with Bartonella henselae germs.

Inflammatory and Arthritis Factors

Some inflammatory and arthritis problems can cause swelling on ankles. Ankle swellings will be caused by arthritis in several types liking gout, osteoarthritis, and rheumatoid arthritis. Gout is a kind of arthritis aroused by an accumulation of acid crystals in the joints, and rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic system-wide autoimmune illness featured as joint swelling.

Tumor-Related Issues

Malignant or benign cancers can cause ankle lumps, they are Lipoma (benign fatty growth), Nevi (moles), Fibroma (benign fibrous or connective tissue tumors) and other kinds of cancer.

Other Causes

Ankle swellings can likewise be caused due to conditions like hives on the ankle region, sting or bite injuries, varicose veins and ganglion cysts.

In some cases lump on ankle bone can appear after injury, during pregnancy, after bruise, under skin, as symptom of cancer, but doesn’t hurt, after running, painful to touch, after being hit, that moves, not painful, after fall, after walking, after surgery, after exercise, after being kicked, etc.

You must consult your doctor to figure out the type and cause of the ankle swelling and the available treatment option for your condition, which will assist you identify whether to start or cease any treatment for the swellings.

More professional info of ankle lumps is explained in the following video:

Symptoms Associated With Ankle Lump

The existence of an ankle lump can cause various symptoms, a few of which might be very serious or life threatening. Symptoms connected with ankle lump can include ankle rash, swelling, bleeding from injury, stiff joint, joint pain, pus or discharge, rashes, itching, redness and heat at the location, tenderness or pain at the swelling. A few of the severe symptoms which ought to be offered instant medical attention are deformity of the ankle, foot or lower leg, entirely unable to walk or bear weight, no feeling in the foot, severe pain or swelling in the ankle.

Possible Problems of Lump on Ankle Bone

There are numerous causes for the formation of ankle swellings and some of them could be severe conditions also. If left unattended, they can result into issues, depending upon the underlying cause. Minor injuries to the ankle need to likewise be inspected by a doctor to make sure that the medical diagnosis is made properly, appropriate treatment is administered and any additional injury is prevented. Following the correct treatment plan will make sure that you do not establish any issues like abscess, gangrene causing tissue death and amputation, long-term disability or deformity, chronic pain, loss of movement and spread of cancer or infection to the blood.

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