Home Remedies for Pinworms

Pinworms are a typical human infection and natural remedies are a reliable way to rid your body of this invader. A number of choices exist and you can try the most suitable one for you to solve the pinworm issue.

Pinworms cause extreme rectal itching and are irritating to anyone infected. The worm crawls out of the anus at night to lay its eggs. Transmission takes place quickly amongst children who frequently put their fingers in their mouths. The eggs become lodged under the finger nails during scratching then are re-ingested during eating and the cycle of problem continues. Knowing the causes can help avoid future infection. Natural home remedy are plentiful for your child to obtain rid of the ominous parasites.

Causes and Symptoms of Pinworms


1. Eating unsanitary foods. The eggs are consumed during meals or consumption of contaminated food. The eggs travel in the intestinal tract and hatch.

2. Unclean sheets or clothing. Oversleeping a dirty bed or using unwashed clothes infected with eggs is another way to contract a pinworm infection. Use care when dealing with infected sheets and clothes as the eggs easily become air-borne and can be breathed in or swallowed.


1. Itching. The worm takes a trip from the intestinal tract and lays eggs around the rectum at night. Itching is the result and sleep often interrupted to some degree. Itching can also take place in and around the vagina.

2. Urinary tract infection. These worms can penetrate the vagina or urethra and result in a urinary tract infection. This is more common in females.

3. More serious complications. Poor sleep and sleeping disorders are the most serious complications. Certainly an infection must be treated, especially bladder, or more serious problems may happen.

4. Other symptoms. Bleeding is seldom a concern as the worms to not get into the wall of the intestinal tract. Some minor bleeding from extreme scratching might happen however this is uncommon.

Home Remedies for Pinworms

There are a range of effective home remedies for pinworms and this list includes the most popular alternative.

1. Dietary changes

Eat fresh fruits and vegetables and avoid high sugar and carb foods. Pinworms flourish on these types of substances and can quickly increase offered the right nutrients. High fiber foods, such as bran, whole wheat and raisins, help add bulk to the stool and flush them from your system. Probiotics are also an important and simple method to keep your intestinal tract healthy. By assisting excellent bacteria grow, the intestinal tract becomes hostile for pinworms and is a natural way to obtain rid of pinworms.

Natural remedies for pinworms

Natural remedies for pinworms

2. Proper hygiene

This is the essential to avoiding and eliminating pinworms. Start with appropriate hand cleaning technique using soap and warm water. Make certain to tidy under the nails. Wash before every meal, after each use of the bathroom and instantly upon wakening. When managing infected clothing or sheets, wear gloves and even a mask to avoid inhalation of the eggs. Wash in hot water.

3. Garlic

This potent natural food is exceptional for getting rid of pinworms. The powdered kind does not work, so try including garlic to a range of foods so that infected children will gain take advantage of this food remedy. Make a paste by grinding a few cloves of fresh garlic up until smooth then blend with Vaseline and use to the buttocks and rectal area to reduce itching and kill any worms present.

4. Grapefruit seed extract

Mix 10 drops in a big glass of water and drink 3 times a day for a week. This item is commercially readily available and has other health benefits as well. It is offered in both pill and liquid type.

5. Wormwood

Santonin, isothujone and thujone are active components. The advantage is that these antiparasitic substances kill other worms present in the digestive tract. Wormwood works by harming the parasite’s cell membrane. Mix a few drops in a cup of water or brew tea and include drops to that. Taking it on an empty stomach is the best route and works well for kids infected with pinworms.

6. Coconut

This is a popular remedy in India. Take a spoonful of coconut in the early morning and then follow it with castor oil two to three hours later to flush the pinworms from the body.

7. Carrots

Shredded raw carrots consumed numerous times a day are a natural way to purge the worms from the intestines. For choosy eaters, try mixing the carrots with honey to enhance the taste.

8. White willow bark

This natural remedy is rich in the same active component as aspirin. The salicylic acid content is a potent agent in battling a pinworm infection.

9. Pumpkins seeds

Raw pumpkin seeds are a scrumptious and natural method to fight pinworms. Simmer crushed raw pumpkin seeds in water for about two hours. Strain the mixture through a filter or cheesecloth. Let it cool and take a tablespoon every fifteen minutes for a total of four doses, according to artplay-katok.ru. Then two hours later take a laxative. Then eat a bowl of warm oatmeal two hours after than to flush the worms from the system. The dose for adults is 300 grams and children can use about 45 grams of pumpkin seeds.

10. Clove and flaxseed

Squash a clove and mix with flaxseeds. The proper ratio is 1:10 and the added health benefits and worm battling power are beneficial. Include this mix to food once a day and alternate three days of use followed by three day of rests.

11. Squash seeds

Boil 50 grams of crushed and smashed squash seeds for 15 minutes and after that filter the water after it cools. Drink a small glass in between meals throughout the day.

12. Onions

The naturally taking place sulfur in onions helps rid the body of pinworms. Slice a medium onion and soak in a pitcher of water over night. Then drink the liquid 3 times a day to rid the pinworms from your intestine.

13. Bitter gourd

The bitter gourd juice is an efficient method to flush both pinworms and their eggs from the body.

14. Apple cider vinegar

This is a fantastic substance with a large range of health benefits. Mix a teaspoon or two in a glass of water and drink this day-to-day. The acidic nature of apple cider vinegar creates an unwelcoming environment for the worms and helps your body get rid of them naturally.

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