Headache Above Left Eye

The American Headache Society declares that approximately 78 percent of Americans experience tension headaches, 12 percent from migraines and 1 percent from cluster headaches. Headache pain around, above or within either eye is suggestive of a cluster headache. Other causes might indicate medical emergencies. Numerous factors add to pain that is felt above the left side and eye.

Main Causes of Headache Above Left Eye

Cluster Headaches

Cluster headaches are uncommon vascular-type headaches that are distinct from tension or migraine headaches. According to the American Headache Society, cluster headache victims are generally men with start in between the ages of 20 to 30 years of age. Cluster headaches are defined by: severe, stabbing pain that is around left or right eye or the temple; headache attacks that last from 15 minutes to 3 hours and occur once every other day to as much as 8 times daily; headaches associated with tearing, runny nose, congestion, sweating and/or droopy eyelid on the very same side of the head as the pain. Causes of cluster headaches are thought to be associated with hypothalamus dysfunction, irregular hormone and neurotransmitter levels, and possibly dietary and environmental triggers, as pointed out by artplay-katok.ru.

Sinus Infection Headaches

Sinus infections can cause headaches in or above either the right or left eye and produce symptoms just like cluster headaches. Inning accordance with the University of Maryland Medical Center, sinus headaches can be differentiated by pressure-like pain in a particular area of the face or behind the eyes; pain made worse with sudden head motions like bending forward; pain even worse in the early morning because of gathering and draining pipes mucus; postnasal drip with sore throat; yellow or green discharge from the nose and despair with moderate to moderate fever.

headache above left eye for days


The most likely disease condition that can developing pain above the left eye is glaucoma of the left eye. Inning accordance with the National Eye Institute, glaucoma is a develop of pressure within the eye that can harm the optic nerve and damage peripheral vision, create eye pain and ultimately lead to loss of sight. African Americans older than the age of 40 have the best risk of developing glaucoma.

Infections and Tumors

Infections, abscesses and tumors of the brain or eye socket are unusual, but all can produce pain in and above the left eye. The brain tissue does not produce pain directly, but infections, abscesses, sleeping sickness and cancerous procedures can cause intense pain by damaging nerves, capillary and other associated tissues in or near the eyes.


Brain aneurysms happen when damaged capillary leak blood or totally burst, which causes a bleeding, or hemorrhagic stroke. The majority of hemorrhagic strokes happen in between the brain tissue and the delicate arachnoid tissues, and are called subarachnoid hemorrhages. MedlinePlus notes that subarachnoid hemorrhages typically produce sudden, unbearable headaches near the back of the head, however can cause pain and symptoms around the left eye.


Head trauma can cause hemorrhages within the skull and around the eye which produce pain, however a more direct reason for headaches above the left eye is trauma to that region. Rugby and other contact sports regularly cause head injury, and sometimes skull or orbital bone fractures. A left orbital bone fracture would produce abrupt, severe pain and swelling around the left eye.

Last Update - September 23, 2017


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