Foamy Urine

While urine is generally clear and light-colored, foamy urine might or might not be related to an abnormal medical condition.

While urine is usually clear and light-colored, foamy urine might or might not be related to an unusual medical condition. If it takes place regularly, possibilities are that there is an underlying abnormality which needs correct medical diagnosis and medical treatment.

Waste products of metabolism are excreted from the body by the kidneys through the urine. The urine contains wastes that have actually been filtered from the blood by the kidneys, and the resulting option is a pale, straw yellow, or amber-colored liquid that comes out of the body through the urethra. Urine includes water, uric acid, urea, inorganic salts, ammonia, and blood pigments that have been broken down.

Symptoms and Signs of Foamy Urine

Normally, urine does not appear foamy. Nevertheless, often some foam establishes depending upon the speed of urinating. Periodically, it may likewise signify dehydration, and foamy urine shows that it is focused. However, if you pass foamy urine often, it may be a sign of an underlying disease or condition which needs medical evaluation.

Foamy urine can be turbid or cloudy in color. Some individuals might have blood or pus in the urine. If there is an infection, urination might be accompanied by some pain. In women who have an active vaginal infection, vaginal discharge might appear in the urine, making it cloudy and frothy in look.

Causes and Treatments Foamy Urine

Urinating Rapidly/Dehydration

Fast urination can cause foaming in the urine. Some individuals postpone going to the bathroom and gather a huge amount of urine in their bladder. This causes powerful urination, and results in fast emptying of the bladder. The stream of urine that follows hits the toilet quickly and causes foam to establish. In other individuals, taking insufficient water or fluids causes some dehydration which leads the kidneys to produce concentrated urine. This also results in production of foamy urine.

If the foam in the urine is caused by either dehydration or rapid urination then there is no need to fret. One should simple aim to clear the bladder regularly to prevent forceful and quick urination. It is also advised to keep appropriate hydration by consuming lots of water day-to-day to prevent having focused and foamy urine. Nevertheless, if you discover that your urine is regularly foamy in spite of enhancing your habits, you need to think about looking for medical examination for correct medical diagnosis and treatment.

Protein in the Urine

The presence of a considerable amount of protein in one’s urine is a common factor that leads to foamy urine. Small amounts of protein might be naturally expelled in the urine. When protein is excreted in large amounts, nevertheless, the unusual condition is known as proteinuria.

Proteins in the blood do not normally come out in the urine since they are managed by the kidney glomeruli. However, some conditions might cause proteins to be strained into the urine, and these consist of:

  • Kidney infection
  • Kidney damage
  • Excess dietary intake of proteins (from high protein foods like meat, chicken or fish, or from dietary supplements).

Foamy urine is particular of having an excessive amount of protein in the urine. Proteinuria may be detected in a urinalysis. In these cases, experts recommend lowering the consumption of protein supplements or excess amounts of high-protein foods. Medical assessment is encouraged for appropriate medical diagnosis and treatment.


An infection in the urinary tract triggered by bacteria or fungis can result in cloudy and foamy urine. This is normally accompanied by a burning pain during urination, which is particular of a UTI or urinary tract infection. The bacteria triggering the infection produce foam in one’s urine.

UTI is normally found in a urine examination and may be alleviated with antibiotics. Patients are also advised to increase their fluid consumption to flush out the microbes.

Fistula Formation

In some people, a fistula or abnormal connection may develop in between the urinary bladder and the colon (large intestine), and this is called a vesicocolic fistula. The bladder ends up being swollen and fluid accumulates below the skin. Foam is formed, and on urination, the urine ends up being foamy. Since of the connection to the colon, the urine may also have an offending smell and might consist of some feces. This is not a normal condition and may signify another underlying condition such as Crohn’s disease or a growth. Medical assessment needs to be sought handle this condition.

Semen in Urine

After sexual relations, some semen might be left in one’s urethra, which might come out in the urine. However, percentages of semen do not generally cause foam in the urine. Another condition called retrograde ejaculation might result in big quantities of semen going back to the bladder if the sphincter (a muscle that prevents retrograde circulation) is not effectively operating. This is usually associated with foamy urine and medical suggestions is recommended.

Kidney Disease

Individuals with kidney disease as an issue of diabetes or kidney stones can likewise have foamy urine. To diagnose kidney disease a simple urinalysis may be done, followed by other relevant tests such as the dipstick test and other blood tests. A 24-hour urine collection might likewise be asked for better assessment of kidney function.

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  1. can you provide any remedies for it.

    1. As you can see quite a lot of reasons of foamy urine and most of them related to you internal organs. In this case first of all better to proceed to check up under doctor’s supervision and find out the problem.

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