Excessive Sweating in Male Genital Area

Truncal Hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating of the trunk area is typically the identified cause of genital area sweating. This normally happens in women, but it can happen to men too.

Why Does Excessive Sweating in Male Genital Area Occur?

Heavy sweating in the genital area may cause humiliation for those affected with the condition. It can be irritating and it can make them feel uncomfortable most of time. As a result the majority of the men and women with this problem tend to prevent situations that can intensify the sweating.

Risk Factors

Aside from in patients detected with the condition, it can also put a patient at risk for establishing other problems consisting of:

  • Yeast infections
  • Genital odor
  • Contact dermatitis

When the men skin is wet, it is vulnerable to fungus which might in turn cause a growth of bacteria or infection.

Excessive sweating increases genital odor in men. A burning and itching sensation may also occur.

Causes and Treatment for Extreme Sweating in Male Genital Area

Sweat secretion is managed by the supportive nervous system. Extreme sweating or hyperhidrosis is caused by a number of factors including hormone changes, endocrine imbalances, chronic medical conditions, psychiatric conditions, weight problems as well as particular medications. Extreme sweating around the male genital areas can cause much discomfort and humiliation especially if there is a bad body smell that accompanies it. It can further cause rashes, itching and peeling of the skin in the area around the groin. This takes place due to the growth of a fungus called tricophyton rubrum which flourishes in the wet and warm areas of the body such as the genital and anal areas. Men who are associated with heavy physical labor and outdoors activities are vulnerable to heavy sweating as are those who work out regularly in the health club. Those who have a weak body immune system and struggle with diabetes or AIDS likewise have the issue of sweating and jock itch. Since jock itch is contagious, it is very crucial to observe a stringent hygiene regular if you experience this problem.

How to Stop Excessive Sweating Around the Male Genital Areas

  • Often extreme sweating and the accompanying bad odor and jock itch can be treated by enhancing your health regimen, bathing a minimum of twice a day and by using cotton underwears that are not tight around the groins. If necessary change your underclothing twice or thrice a day.
  • Make sure that your groin is dry by cleaning it thoroughly with a towel or even using a blow clothes dryer to obtain rid of the moisture developed by the sweat. Y
  • ou need to drink a great deal of water and fluids to keep your body temperature level low and decrease sweating.
  • Consuming green tea is said to be useful in treating extreme sweating.
  • Similarly 1 tsp of cider vinegar mixed with 1 tsp of honey consumed everyday is likewise useful in controlling excessive sweating.
  • Excessive sweating around the male genitals can likewise be managed using anti-fungal sprays also anti-per spirant sprays with aluminum and zinc.
  • Garlic is exceptional for extreme sweating and ought to be used in food preparations. It can likewise be combined with some honey and used over the impacted areas.
  • Yeast likewise causes sweating and jock itch and thus foods with high yeast content must be prevented as far as possible. Processed, spicy and oily foods which transform into sugar in the body ought to also be avoided. You ought to likewise stop smoking cigarettes and consumption of alcohol.

Last Update - September 25, 2017


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