Excessive Head Sweating

excessive head sweating causes

Head sweating can be a condition by itself or it can be a side effect of another condition. Determining the cause of the extreme head sweating will help you and your doctor determine a correct course of treatment.

Extreme sweating on the head and face can be awkward and uncomfortable. Approximately 2-3 percent of the population experiences hyperhidrosis, or extreme head sweating. This condition can quickly be managed with medical interest, though lots of are too embarrassed to request for assistance. Figuring out the reason for your sweating can assist you work with a doctor to eliminate your symptoms.

Treatments for Excessive Head Sweating

Keep in mind and check. When unanticipated head sweating begins, your doctor will perform tests to assist you figure out the source. Make note of any triggers that appear to induce your sweating such as a difficult event or consuming certain foods. Likewise make note of whether or not your sweating is more typical at a specific point of the day or if it tends to begin unexpectedly, and if it just appears on the head or other parts of your body. A paper test can be done to identify how extreme the sweating is. A starch-iodine test may likewise be carried out to identify the level of your sweating.

Herbs. Once it is identified that you are experiencing persistent head sweating you can start to work on finding a treatment alternative. Consuming asparagus, witch hazel, sage, Osha, Schizonepeta or Rehmannia can assist relax the sweat glands so you will not sweat as a lot. These are available in supplement form, or you can add these products to your diet.

Vitamin consumption. Increasing your vitamin consumption can likewise help in reducing head sweating. Taking a supplement or consuming foods that contain a high level of B vitamins can assist you handle your sweating better. These include fruits, veggies, whole grains and lean proteins such as eggs or fish.

Foods to prevent. Some foods can result in a greater level of sweating. Those who are attempting to naturally manage their condition must cut these foods from their diet to avoid head sweating. These consist of foods with a high spice level or foods with a large amount of garlic. You might likewise have the ability to balance out these effects by increasing your juice intake when you consume them.

See a doctor. If you are struggling with head sweating that is a side effect of another condition, you will have to handle your other symptoms in order to get your head sweating to stop. Your doctor might alter your present medication to help relieve your side effects. Your doctor might likewise advise exercises or physical treatment to help handle a heart or physical condition that might be putting an extreme amount of strain on your body. Treatment may also be necessary if your sweating appears to be caused by mental stress.

Causes for Excessive Head Sweating

Head sweating can be a natural response of the body. When you work out or become warm, the body will launch sweat to cool the skin. The body might also launch sweat when you end up being embarrassed, afraid, angry or worried due to the muscles tensing. However, in many cases, sweating may become extreme. The system that triggers sweating will not stop the method it should, causing psychological or physical pain. This can occur in the hands, armpits or feet too on the head.

Main hyperhidrosis is a medical condition that causes extreme sweating, but it not set off by another illness or symptom. Primary hyperhidrosis is localized to a specific part of the body, such as the head, though these symptoms will appear symmetrically when the patient experiences sweat on the limbs. Medical professionals believe that primary hyperhidrosis is caused by a breakdown in the anxious system that may be hereditary. This condition is not unsafe, but it can cause a trouble or social discomfort for the patient.

Secondary cranial hyperhidrosis is a side effect of another medical condition. It can also be a side effect of medication you may be taking. Medication used to treat psychiatric conditions; dry mouth and blood pressure typically list hyperhidrosis as a potential side effect. Particular antibiotics or supplements may likewise trigger hyperhidrosis to take place. Abusing compounds or medications can enhance the threat of head sweating.

  • A change in hormone levels can lead to secondary hyperhidrosis. Lots of people experience more frequent sweating on the head or face during pregnancy or menopause. Hyperthyroidism can likewise trigger the patient to experience extreme sweating on the face or throughout the body.
  • Heart conditions can likewise cause sweating on the face, caused by the strain on the body. Those who suddenly start to experience sweating on the head might be at danger from suffering a stroke or heart disease. This sweating might be accompanied by lightheadedness, chest pain or problem carrying out exhausting exercises.
  • Conditions which harm the worried system can restrict your body’s capability to appropriately control the sweat glands. Those in the early stages of Parkinson’s disease will often begin to experience head sweating. Acromegaly, some cancers, pheochromocytoma, tuberculosis or severe infections can likewise reveal undesirable sweating when they formerly did not deal with this problem. Spine injuries that harm the nerves can lead to similar symptoms.

Last modified: June 5, 2017


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