Crooked Little Finger

There are people who have a pinky finger that turns inward toward the fourth or ring finger. Some people with this condition do have jagged bones, but the finger still appears straight like a regular finger. A crooked little finger is likewise referred to as, clinodactyly. Clinodactyly is a Greek term for “bent digit,” and is used to describe a bent finger or even toe. It is in fact an uncommon condition, affecting 10% or less of the population.

Main Causes of Crooked Little Finger

An uneven little finger can be caused by a few different things. The root cause is contractions of the tendons and ligaments that are supposed to make it straight. This can happen in the womb during development or during youth. Another cause is real misaligned growth plates in the bones triggering abnormal bone growth.

A few of the factors that result in this are contained below:

1. Genes

If a parent or grandparent has a misaligned pinky, it may be passed on. These cases are normally seen on ultrasound during pregnancy and more hereditary testing to dismiss other genetic conditions can be done by means of amniocentesis. This is because there is speculation that a misaligned finger might be a sign of another hereditary condition. For the most part, a genetically connected bent pinky is benign and unrelated to anything else.

2. Injury

Finger and hand injuries can break the finger bones or tear the tendons that hold them straight. The pinky is a relatively small finger and topic to more injuries than the other fingers. Things like getting fingers slammed between something heavy, sports injuries, as well as a hard fall to the ground can cause misaligned fingers. If this occurs during youth, the finger might not recover correctly if the growth plates end up being damaged. Trigger splinting of a broken finger in children can help reduce the occurrence of this happening.

3. Sign of Other Conditions

While it is not proven yet, there are cases of clinodactyly in specific conditions. A jagged little finger can be seen in these syndromes: Down’s, Mohr, Silver-Russell, Seckel, and some cases of Autism. It is really seen in a few cases of random learning and habits conditions, according to There is actually an 80% rate of bent finger in kids with Autism. Researchers are still checking out the link and some medical professionals are still refuting any connection. However, the amount of these syndromes with a misaligned pinky is fascinating.

crooked little finger meaning

4. Abnormal Growth Plates

Most of the times, the cause is crookeded growth plates in the finger bones. In the initial development of the bones in utero, the growth plates formed wrong. This causes the finger to grow in a misaligned direction during youth. It happens regularly in kids than ladies and only on one side of the body. There are rare instances where both hands are impacted.

How to Treat Crooked Little Finger?

A crooked little finger that is mostly functional and doesn’t impact use of the hand and fingers is thought about mild. The majority of cases are not severe enough to be thought about serious. Mild cases are only a cosmetic problem. Many people go through life with a minor bend in their little finger and live generally as others do. Doctors normally do not treat mild cases unless the bend causes an issue with grasp or pain. Also, if there is no dysfunction the surgery might be thought about cosmetic.

When It Causes a Problem

Hardly ever, there are a few cases that may have severe deformity that limits use of the fingers and/or hand. This can be serious and, if not surgically corrected, can cause long-term defect after the growth plates have closed. Young children that have severe jagged little finger needs to have a really basic and easy surgery to give the growth plates stability and space for growth. This typically just involves supporting the growth plate by tightening up the tendons and muscles. The finger will remedy itself as it grows. Doctors like to use this procedure before 5 years of age.

If not done before age 5, the surgery may include altering the bones and setting a pin to stabilize the finger. This is done by cutting into the side of the finger and improving the bone. A pin is set into the bone to encourage straight growth. The tiny muscles and tendons may also be tightened to keep the finger straight. When this is done, the bent finger must grow straight.

After age 5, cutting the bone and setting the finger straight is extremely reliable with few kids needing a 2nd surgery. The only problem after surgery for a misaligned little finger is recurring tightness that can be exercised with physical therapy.

A pinky that is a little bent need to be no cause for issue. If there is dysfunction in the hand or finger, surgery done early can help remedy the defect and bring back function. Often, this condition may lead doctors to perform further assessment for hereditary or behavioral conditions. As soon as corrected, the finger needs to work fine and children can go on to live a great quality of life.

Last modified: September 5, 2016


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