What Causes Itchy Scrotum?

What Causes Itchy Scrotum

An itch in the genital area is a typical symptom both in males and females. An itchy scrotum can be temporary and persistent as an outcome of a number of medical conditions. In most cases, a dermatovenerologist can make the medical diagnosis based upon physical examination if the skin changes show up. Nevertheless, in many cases, there are no obvious factors for the itching feelings and more comprehensive examinations are searchinged for. Here are a few of the most common causes of itch in the scrotal area.

Causes of Red, Dry or Burning Itchy Scrotum

Scrotal Dermatitis

There has actually been an argument amongst scientists whether this condition ought to be categorized as a separate medical entity or it is simply common contact dermatitis located in the scrotal area. The symptoms of scrotal dermatitis include intense itching experience, soreness of the skin, and skin peeling (dry and burning itching) in the afflicted area.

In fact, the occurrence of this condition has actually been undervalued by dermatovenerologists and is quickly blended with fungal infections. After not successful efforts to deal with skin weather changes with antifungal drugs, some doctors understand that the scrotal dermatitis might be the issue. The cause is assumed to be mental stress or the inflammation in the scrotal area, but there is still not enough research. These persons ought to use loose underclothing to lower inflammation, and the treatment includes corticosteroid creams, antihistamines, and phototherapy using UVB radiation.


Scabies is a really itchy skin condition brought on by a mite called Sarcoptes Scabiei. Although it is typically connected to bad hygiene, scabies can strike anybody as it is a really contagious condition. It is transferred by direct contact, but likewise by utilizing contaminated tools, such as towels and sheets. Scabies can affect genital area and produce symptoms which include itching and redness of scrotum skin. Scratches are commonly seen in these patients, so the condition is easily recognized. Anti scabies creams (scabicides) treat scabies extremely efficiently.


Psoriasis is an autoimmune skin disease influencing variable areas of the skin, accompanied with peeling, irritation, dry skin, and redness. Although psoriasis is normally not itchy, there are cases where it can produce itching feelings. Psoriasis is also treated with corticosteroid creams and UVB light, but in some severe cases, oral corticosteroids are needed.

Fungal Infection

Fungal infections can be gotten by poor health, but likewise sexually transferred. Anyhow, they often target genital area, since the fungis enjoy wet and warm environment. Besides itching experiences and skin discoloration, fungal infections can cause uncommon skin odor in the influenced region. Antifungal medications include topical creams and often systemic antifungal medications. Great health is essential in order to prevent persisting fungal infections.


New underclothing can include some materials to which you might be allergic. This can produce an allergic skin reaction localized in the scrotal area. The primary symptom of allergy is itching, which is followed by swelling and redness of scrotum. The symptoms are prompt related to the use of the bothersome underclothing. Cleaning agents or material softeners can also contain allergens which can activate the allergy. If the causative factor stays unacknowledged, the symptoms will come back. Therefore, the recognition and elimination of the irritant is the most crucial task. Furthermore, antihistamine creams can be applied to the affected regions.


Normally accompanied with localized inflammation and little blisters. You may get one or more of the following symptoms:

  • reduced cravings
  • severe fever
  • flu-like symptoms
  • general feeling of malaise/sadness
  • muscle pains
  • exceptionally swollen glands around the body.

Itchy Scrotum: Is It Serious?

Generally, an itchy scrotum is not a symptom of a severe health problem. Generally, an itchy ball sack is more humiliating and annoying than anything else. Nevertheless, there are several factors that you may have itchy testicles, so it is challenging to determine simply one. The majority of the reasons are just harmless inflammations while a few of them are more severe health issues.

Question about Itchy scrotum in man

I have a burning itch on the underside of my scrotum – it seems to be spreading around the pubic area. There is definitely no noticeable sign of any problem – it simply itches. I have not made love with anyone for some years now. It is not that major, which is why I haven’t seen a doctor. I assumed it was a fungus and attempted athlete’s foot powder (I clean routinely) but it hasn’t assisted.

Answer: It might well be a fungus. They are wonderfully common in this area of the body, particularly in the warm months of the year. However athlete’s foot powder isn’t really much of a treatment for fungus infections of the pubic area.

Plainly, you have to let your GP cast an eye on this so he/she can decide whether it is a fungal infection and recommend some proper treatment.


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