Pain Management

Pain on Top of Head When Touched

tenderness on top of head when touched

Pain on top of head when touched is a fairly typical problem, linked with numerous medical conditions that impact lots of people. Migraines, tension headaches, and autoimmune disorders like psoriasis can all cause the scalp to end up being inflamed, inflamed, and painful. Sunburns, rashes, injuries, and insect bites likewise frequently cause pain on top […]

Updated: September 3, 2017 — 2:09 am

Pain in Upper Stomach Between Ribs

Man with Pain in Upper Stomach Area

If you are experience pain in upper stomach between your ribs, you should understand that it might be caused by more that 10 reasons. The upper abdominal area is a part of the trunk between the lower ribs and the navel. Epigastrium is the medical term for the upper middle region which lies high up […]

Updated: September 20, 2017 — 7:10 am

Stinging When Urinating in Female

slight stinging when urinating

Stinging when urinating is a broad term that describes discomfort during urination. This stings may come from the bladder, urethra, or perineum. The urethra is tube that carries urine beyond your body. In men, the area between the scrotum and the anus is known as the perineum. In women, the perineum is the area in […]

Updated: August 24, 2017 — 2:23 am

Vaginal Pain During Early Pregnancy

Vaginal pain during early pregnancy

Early in pregnancy, lots of women have vaginal pain. Vaginal pain describes pain in the lowest part of the torso, in the area below the abdominal area and in between the hipbones (pelvis). The pain might be sharp or crampy (like menstrual cramps) and may come and go. It might be sudden and excruciating, dull […]

Updated: September 20, 2017 — 7:32 am

Best Painkiller for Back Pain

best painkiller for lower back pain

Back pain frequently goes away by itself over numerous weeks. In some people, back pain continues. It may not go away completely or it may get more painful at times. Medicines can also assist with your back pain.

Updated: September 25, 2017 — 7:21 pm

Knees Hurt After Squats

my knee hurts after squats

Whenever someone discusses that squatting hurts their knees, I ask them to show me how they squat. Most of the time I inform them: “Squatting does not injure your knees; whatever you’re doing today injures your knees.”

Updated: August 16, 2017 — 7:35 pm

Shoulders Hurt After Sleeping

my neck and shoulders hurt after sleeping

A lot of people may experience neck and shoulders pain almost every morning after sleeping. What is the reason? The rotator cuff consists of a group of 4 muscles located deep in the shoulder that are crucial for daily use of the shoulder. The shoulder joint is classified as a ball and socket joint of […]

Updated: August 13, 2017 — 6:52 am

Can Constipation Cause Lower Back Pain?

could constipation cause back pain

You are having back pain and you have no idea what is causing it. You are looking for the possible causes. That’s why you are here.

Updated: August 9, 2017 — 1:27 am

Pelvic Pain During Pregnancy

pain on left side of pelvic bone during pregnancy

Early in pregnancy, numerous women have pelvic pain. Pelvic pain refers to pain in the most affordable part of the torso, in the area listed below the abdominal area and between the hipbones (pelvis). The pain might be sharp or crampy (like menstrual cramps) and may come and go. It may be sudden and unbearable, […]

Updated: July 5, 2017 — 11:29 pm

Spinal Decompression at Home

Traction Device

Back compression refers to a condition when there is extreme pressure on the disks in between the vertebrae of the spinal column. This produces symptoms such as stiff back and nerve issues that can affect cognitive and psychological processes. While it is difficult, spine decompression at home is possible. Lots of medical professionals and therapists […]

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