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Genital Herpes on Penile Head

herpes on the penis tests

Genital herpes a sexually transmitted disease brought on by herpes simplex infection kinds 1 as well as 2, although type 1 usually shows up in and around the mouth, while type 2 normally appears on the genital areas and anus. Nonetheless, either kind could be discovered in both areas, given that these body components frequently […]

Updated: December 5, 2017 — 3:14 pm

How to Increase Your Ejaculate

how to increase ejaculate volume naturally

Semen is launched during ejaculation and the normal semen volume ranges from 2 to 5ml per ejaculate. People have been offering items that are expected to increase semen volume. This is a myth. On staying away for a long time the sperm counts within the semen may increase however the semen volume really does not […]

Updated: November 29, 2017 — 7:09 am

Prostate Cleanse


Preserving prostate health can help you prevent a wide variety of problems, not the least of which is prostate cancer (a form of cancer that will impact 1/6 of American men at some point in their lives). A good prostate clean can be just the ticket to jump-starting your prostate into health. An effective cleanse […]

Updated: November 27, 2017 — 8:12 pm

Itchy Anus in Men

What Causes Itchy Anus in Men

Anal itching is a common condition in men and women. The itch, situated in or around your rectum, is often extreme and might be accompanied by a strong urge to scratch. You might find anal itching to be embarrassing and unpleasant.

Updated: August 9, 2017 — 1:59 am

Symptoms Of Chlamydia In Males

What Are Chlamydia Symptoms In Men?

Chlamydia is a sexually transmitted infection (STI) brought on by a tiny bacterium, chlamydia trachomatis. It has actually been called ‘The Silent Infection’ as it typically causes no (or only extremely moderate) observable symptoms.

Updated: August 8, 2017 — 10:21 am

Loss of Feeling in Penis

penis feels numb

The penis is typically a sensitive organ. Often, however, the penis can end up being numb. That implies you can not feel normal sensation when it’s touched. If you don’t treat the reason for penile numbness, it might start to impact your sex life.

Updated: July 30, 2017 — 5:36 pm

Why Does One of My Testicles Hurt?

ache in the bottom of my right testicle

Testicles are egg-shaped reproductive organs located in the scrotum. Pain in the testicles can be caused by small injuries to the area. Nevertheless, if you’re experiencing pain in the testicle, you need to have your symptoms assessed.

Updated: May 29, 2017 — 5:05 pm

Testicle Pain During and After Cycling

painful balls after riding bike

Do you experience testicle pain after cycling? Or even during the action? Testicular pain does not strike most men in the same method as pain in other areas. The testicles are a highly delicate spot on the body and one that is related to a number of crucial roles, including sexual recreation and as a […]

Updated: April 23, 2017 — 7:13 pm

How Long Does Sperm Live Outside the Body?

There are anywhere from 100 to 600 million sperm in every teaspoon of semen. You require just one to make it to the right location — the right fallopian tube — at the proper time — after ovulation — to create a brand-new life.

Updated: March 20, 2017 — 11:23 am

Hypogonadism in Males

Male hypogonadism is a condition where the body doesn’t produce sufficient testosterone — the hormone that plays a key role in manly development and advancement during puberty — or has an impaired ability to produce sperm or both. You may be born with male hypogonadism, or it can develop later in life, often from injury […]

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