Heart and Blood System

Fluctuations in Blood Pressure

Blood Pressure Fluctuating

Your heart works to make sure that your 5 or two liters of blood continue to pump throughout your body. High blood pressure is the force that your blood applies onto the walls of blood vessels, and medical professionals determine it to determine how healthy your blood vessels and heart are. It is normal to […]

Updated: August 11, 2017 — 5:38 pm

What Does a Blood Clot in the Leg Feel Like?

Blood clot in leg

When a blood clot forms in among the deep veins in your leg, way beneath your skin’s surface, it could be something called a deep vein thrombosis (DVT). That threatens because the clot could take a trip to your heart or lungs.

Updated: June 19, 2017 — 12:54 am

What Does Heartburn Feel Like?

What Does Heartburn Feel Like?

How does heartburn differ from GERD, indigestion, dyspepsia, and gastritis – and what does heartburn feel like?

Updated: June 19, 2017 — 12:04 am

White Blood Cell Function

White Blood Cells

White blood cells are also referred to as WBCs or leukocytes. They are the cells that comprise most of the immune system, which is the part of the body that secures itself versus foreign compounds and numerous types of infections. Leukocytes are made in the bone marrow from multipotent cells called hematopoietic stem cells. Leukocytes […]

Updated: June 17, 2017 — 12:22 am

Where Is the Heart Located?

Heart location

Heart muscle is the strongest tissue in your body. It is responsible for pumping the oxygenated blood (obtained from lungs) to the remainder of the body via thorough circulatory system. Why is it important to know ‘where is your heart located?’ For starters, it assists in classifying the cardiac symptoms for the urgency of medical […]

Updated: June 12, 2017 — 11:20 pm

Shortness of Breath and Nausea

If nausea and shortness of breath present separately, they aren’t a big concern. Everyone at some time of the life will have a particular level of shortness of breath or nausea. However, when these two symptoms exist together, they may be a sign of a severe medical condition, even a deadly one which needs instant […]

Updated: April 20, 2017 — 12:32 am

Why Is My Blood Pressure High in the Morning?

High blood pressure differs throughout the day depending upon foods consumed, physical activity, and psychological stress. Regrettably, for some individuals, their high blood pressure may be too high in the morning. This is called morning hypertension or morning hypertension. Scientists have found that early morning hypertension increases the risk of heart and blood vessel problems […]

Updated: April 3, 2017 — 11:19 am

Coronary Artery Disease in Older Adults

Some modifications in the heart and capillary generally occur with age, however many other changes that are common with aging are because of modifiable elements that, if not treated, can lead to heart disease.

Updated: March 23, 2017 — 2:46 pm

Tip of Big Toe Numb

Your body has two nervous systems: the main nervous system and the peripheral anxious system. Your main nervous system is made up of your brain and spine, and your peripheral nervous system consists of the nerves that supply sensation to the rest of your body, consisting of the extremities. Your circulatory system is also responsible […]

Updated: March 15, 2017 — 10:24 am

Aorta Function in Human Body

The aorta is the largest blood vessel in the body. It is an artery that directly develops from the heart itself and comes down through the thorax and into the abdominal area. All the arteries of the body, conserve the pulmonary arteries, stem from the aorta or one of its primary branches. This post intends […]

Updated: March 14, 2017 — 3:09 pm
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