Internal Bleeding

Inside the body when blood leaks from blood vessels or organs

Internal bleeding is one of the most major effects of trauma. Usually, the bleeding results from apparent injuries that need quick medical attention. Internal bleeding might also happen after a less severe injury or be postponed by hours or days. Some internal bleeding due to injury stops by itself. If the bleeding continues or is […]

Updated: December 1, 2017 — 2:09 pm

Natural Colonic Cleansing

colonic cleansing benefits

The practice of natural colon cleansing go back to ancient Greece. In the United States, cleansing the colon – the big intestinal tract – ended up being popular in the early 1900s. But when the theories behind it lost support, it fell out of favor. Recently, however, colon cleansing – using, for instance, teas, enzymes, […]

Updated: November 28, 2017 — 2:42 pm

Are Bananas Hard to Digest?

Banana and Stomach Ache

Bananas do not cause stomach pains in everyone. If you experience a sore stomach after eating a banana, the chances are you have an allergy, a digestive disorder or an infection. It may simply be that you’re sensitive to bananas. If eating bananas causes you great pain, speak to your doctor. She can detect any […]

Updated: November 28, 2017 — 1:05 pm

Human Poop Smells Like Skunk

What Causes Human Poop Smells Like Skunk?

Feces normally have an unpleasant odor. Foul-smelling stools have an unusually strong, rank odor. In many cases, foul-smelling stools happen due to the foods people eat and the bacteria present in their colon. Nevertheless, foul-smelling stools can likewise suggest a major illness. Diarrhea, bloating, or flatulence may accompany foul-smelling stools. These stools are typically soft […]

Updated: November 27, 2017 — 7:42 am

How to Test for Celiac Disease?

testing for celiac disease

Celiac disease is a long-lasting autoimmune disorder that affects several parts of your body which can lead to other major illnesses whether you are on a gluten-free diet.

Updated: November 22, 2017 — 9:55 am

What Can Help With Gas Pains

Home Remedies for Severe Gas Pain

Many individuals joke about gas pain and its typical results, however when gas pain becomes severe it is absolutely nothing to laugh about. Sometimes, gas pain can be severe enough to error for a heart condition or back problem. Gas pain can arise from a variety of different sources, consisting of food allergies, high fiber […]

Updated: November 19, 2017 — 6:57 pm

Are Hemorrhoids Dangerous?

Picture of Hemorrhoids in Adult

Hemorrhoids are typically brought on by increased pressure due to pregnancy, being overweight, or straining during defecation. By midlife, hemorrhoids typically become a continuous problem. By age 50, about half the population has experienced several of the timeless symptoms, that include rectal pain, itching, bleeding, and possibly prolapse (hemorrhoids that protrude through the anal canal). […]

Updated: November 11, 2017 — 8:18 am

Alkaline Phosphatase Blood Test

Blood test for ALP levels

Alkaline phosphatase (ALP – medical abbreviation) is a protein found in all body tissues. Tissues with greater quantities of ALP include the liver, bile ducts, and bone.

Updated: October 29, 2017 — 6:50 pm

How to Lower Liver Enzymes

how to lower my liver enzymes

The liver protects your body from damaging substances that enter your body through consumption, breathing or absorption through your skin. Your liver acts as a filtering system to expunge toxins while all at once saving essential nutrients required for normal biochemical functions. Liver enzymes are proteins secreted into your blood stream when they rise it […]

Updated: October 27, 2017 — 8:00 pm

What Causes Belly Button Pain

why does it hurt around my belly button

Pain is your body’s method of informing you that there is something wrong. Pain is not something that ought to be neglected. If you are experiencing pain around belly button, there could be a variety of reasons.

Updated: October 26, 2017 — 6:12 am
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