Cancerous Lumps on Scalp

You’re probably really aware of any unfamiliar bumps on your scalp– after all, you’re carrying out a self-examination whenever you hair shampoo your hair. If you feel a strange bump or growth on your scalp, it’s a smart idea to see your doctor. Most of the times, the bumps will be harmless and treatable, as when it comes to a benign cyst, but only your doctor can diagnose you with certainty.

Causes Lumps on Scalp


According to London’s Holborn Hair & Scalp Clinic, an allergy can be the cause of your scalp bumps. Called contact dermatitis, these allergic reactions come in two types: irritant contact dermatitis, which takes place after a single direct exposure to an irritant, and allergic contact dermatitis, which happens after repeated exposure. Contact dermatitis often results in swelling, blisters and a rash, activated by such substances as hair dye or some hair-care product active ingredients. The clinic keeps in mind that with allergic contact dermatitis, you’ll generally observe symptoms about 12 hours after a seemingly routine exposure to the irritant.

Pilar Cysts

Pilar cysts are harmless skin-colored bumps that appear most regularly on the scalp. According to the University of California at San Francisco’s Dermatology Glossary, a pilar cyst kinds in a dome-like shape, with smooth skin extending over the bump. The bump is typically firm however not solidified– it’s filled with keratin, a protein. Cysts are harmless, but generally should be gotten rid of by a doctor.

Seborrheic Keratoses

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, seborrheic keratoses are small, wart-like bumps that typically appear on the back, chest and scalp. These bumps are light brown, dark brown or black. They have a somewhat shiny planning to them, and although scientists have not determined exactly what causes them, they appear to strike people whose member of the family also have them or individuals who have had a large amount of sun exposure.


When it comes to an allergy, the Merck Manuals Online Medical Library notes that cleaning your scalp with soap and water can help remove traces of the irritant. Up until you recognize what it is, nevertheless, you risk of reapplying it and continuing the allergy. When in doubt, contact your doctor and discontinue use of any new hair products or brand-new material products such as hats, headscarfs or sheets that might contain irritation-causing dyes. If the bump is a harmless growth such as a cyst or keratosis, your skin specialist likely will use cryotherapy to “burn” the bump away, or standard surgical strategies to suffice off.


In uncommon cases, bumps on the scalp can be malignant growths. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, seborrheic keratoses look similar to another type of skin lesion called actinic keratoses, in addition to some forms of melanoma. To be safe, have any bump on your scalp checked by a skin doctor; ought to the bump be an early kind of skin cancer, a quick diagnosis is the first step towards successful treatment.

Cancerous Lumps on Scalp: Questions and Answers

Can skin cancers take place on the scalp?

Yes, definitely. Melanoma type skin cancers can occur on any part of the body which has pigment-producing cells (melanocytes), and that consists of the skin of the scalp.

Should I be fretted about a mole on the scalp?

If you have just recently discovered a mole on your scalp or think that an existing mole might have changed, you ought to get a skin check as quickly as possible making sure it is not A Melanoma– an extremely harmful type of skin cancer, according to Scalp melanomas have been shown to be more deadly than other melanomas, with one study revealing scalp and neck melanomas deaths were almost two times as common compared with melanomas in other places on the body.

Why are scalp melanoma skin cancers more harmful?

The most typical factor is because of a delay in diagnosis, unless you are purposely attempting to look for them. Some also believe that the scalp supplies the right conditions for the melanoma to spread out, because it has abundant blood vessels and lymphatics.

Can other skin cancers occur on the scalp?

Yes, other skin cancers such as Basal cell carcinoma (BCC) and squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) can happen on the scalp.

What do skin cancers on the scalp appear like?

The look of skin cancer on the scalp will vary depending on the type of skin cancer. Any of the three main types of cancer that can occur on your skin can appear on the scalp.


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