Breast Color Changing During Pregnancy

Hormonal changes during pregnancy cause increased blood circulation and modifications in the breast tissue, which might make your breasts feel swollen, sore, tingly, and unusually conscious touch. Some women explain the feeling as pain or an overstated version of how their breasts feel prior to their duration.

Breast tenderness is among the earliest signs of pregnancy. It typically starts around 4 to 6 weeks and lasts through the first trimester.

Why Does My Breast Color Change During Pregnancy?

You might be able to see veins under the skin of your breasts, and you may discover that your nipples are getting bigger and darker, or even breasts skin color now is darker (brown color). After the first few months, your areolas– the pigmented circles around your nipples– will also be larger and darker.

What Other Breast Changes Can I Expect?

  • Breast growth. Starting at around 6 to 8 weeks, you may notice your breasts growing. They’ll continue to grow throughout your pregnancy. It’s typical to go up a cup size or more, specifically if it’s your first baby. Your breasts may feel itchy as the skin stretches, and you may even establish stretch marks on them.
  • Bumps on the areola. You may not have actually seen the little bumps on your areolas before. And now these bumps, which are a kind of oil-producing gland called Montgomery’s tubercles, might end up being much more noticable. Your breasts go through these modifications in preparation for nursing your baby.
  • Dripping breasts. Around your third month of pregnancy, your breasts start producing colostrum, the special milk your baby will get when he first begins nursing. During the last couple of months of pregnancy, you may begin to leak a percentage of this thick yellowish compound, although some women start to leak earlier and some never leak at all.

Last modified: November 21, 2017


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