Blurred Vision After Eating

Diabetes causes higher-than-normal blood sugar levels, which can harm small capillary in the eye. Many individuals with diabetes suffer vision complications that establish slowly throughout their disease. High blood sugar levels can likewise cause short-lived vision changes connected to high blood glucose levels after a meal.

Causes of Blurred Vision After Eating

When an individual with diabetes eats a meal, blood glucose levels increase. If the meal is high in carbohydrates, blood sugar may increase to much higher-than-normal levels and take longer than typical to return to normal levels. When blood sugar levels rise, glucose builds up in the lens of the eye. To weaken the high levels of glucose, the lens likewise soaks up more fluid. The extra fluid alters the shape of the lens, which can affect the capability to see, the Harvard Medical School Family Health Guide discusses. The lens in the eye generally changes shape for near or distance vision. Swelling in the lens alters its shape, triggering blurred vision.


Preventing big changes in the quantity of glucose in the blood by managing carbohydrate consumption throughout meals helps avoid lens swelling and vision modifications after meals. While everyone experiences a rise in blood sugar after eating, selecting foods that cause blood sugar levels to rise more slowly can assist stabilize blood sugar levels and avoid the increased levels that can influence the lens of the eye.

Food Choices

Carbs with a low-glycemic index cause a slower increase in blood sugar levels and are less likely to cause the spikes in blood sugar that can lead to lens changes. The glycemic index appoints foods a value based on a scale of 1 to 100, with pure glucose provided a score of 100. All other foods are compared with glucose, the most quickly-absorbed carb. A food with a rating of 60, for example, causes a rise in blood sugar 60 percent as much as glucose, Iowa State University discusses.

Prescription Changes

Since blood glucose levels might vary more than typical when diabetes is very first diagnosed, your physician might recommend not altering your glasses prescription till your blood sugar levels support, explains Dr. Charles Slonim of All About Vision, due to the fact that your vision may improve when your blood sugar levels are under control.

Q&A About Blurred Vision After Eating

Question: I’ve been getting fuzzy vision after eating. I in some cases get watery eyes also. My medical professional has actually dismissed any blood sugar/insulin problems. Is there any eye condition that causes issues after eating?

Doctor’s Answer: The only condition that I can come up with is related to your blood sugar level. It can take place due to the fact that of low blood sugar levels (hypoglycaemia) in addition to high levels as in diabetes. I would make information observation on the duration of the blurred vision, and what you have actually eaten at the time. Does it go away if you eat sugar? Is it even worse when you have actually eaten a meal high or low in carbohydrates. Equipped with this info I would return to discuss this with your GP.

Last Update - September 21, 2017


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