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Blood tests are used to figure out numerous medical conditions. They are typically used to check if drugs exist in a person’s system, if medications for a disease work, if there are any mineral imbalance within the body and if the organs are working appropriately. It is highly possible that you will require a blood test at one point in your life. There are numerous blood test abbreviations, understanding of these abbreviations will help you ascertain what blood tests results mean, and help you collect a clear understanding of blood tests in general.

Most Common Blood Lab Test Abbreviations Meanings

There are 11 common blood test abbreviations, understanding what they indicate will help you even more comprehend your blood test results.

Blood Test Abbreviation Description
HDL & LDL This describes the measurement of good cholesterol (HDL or high-density lipoprotein) and bad cholesterol (LDL or low-density lipoprotein) within your blood. HDL helps to restrict LDL, meaning high levels of HDL is a good idea and can help to avoid things such as heart disease.
CPR Elevated CPR, or C-Reactive Protein, levels suggest inflammation within the body. Short spikes can be anticipated in some instances, for example, when the immune system fights infection. Consistenthigh levels of CPR can suggest underlying illness.
CBC CBC, or total blood count, is a test consisting of 15 different readings that helps to give your health care supplier an account of your total health. The tests step many things within your blood, like red and white blood cell levels.
TSH TSH, or thyroid stimulating hormonal agent, helps to manage the function of your thyroid, which keeps your metabolic process operating correctly. Low levels of TSH can lead to weight loss and anxiety; high levels can result in weight gain, depression and tiredness. Regular level is spokened to be between 0.35 and 3uIU/ml.
Vitamin D Although this is not constantly included in conventional blood tests, testing for levels of vitamin D in the blood is likewise very important. High levels can be toxic, and low levels can cause you to feel fatigued and achy.
FBC Healthcare professionals use FBC, or full blood count, to obtain a general image of your health. Typically, these tests don’t pinpoint specific health problems, however they can help to point your doctor in the right diagnosis direction.
ESR An ESR, or erythrocyte sedimentation rate, test measures the time it considers red cell to come down to the bottom of a test tube. The more quick they fall, the more likely it is that high levels of inflammation have taken place.
INR INR, or international stabilized ratio, test is used to figure out whether you blood is clotting typically. It also examines the efficiency of Warfarin therapy which decreases the clotting of the blood and is used to help in preventing apoplexy.
LFT The LFT, or liver function test, determines many proteins, enzymes and waste products processed or made by the liver. This can help to determine many liver complications, along with gall stones. It is very important to keep in mind that some medications can influence the results of an LFT, making it incorrect.
Urate Urate is a breakdown product of RNA and DNA, which is usually excreted out of the body through urine. If there are high levels of urate in the blood, it can crystalize and cause gout or inflammation in the joints. This test look for levels of urate to determine whether there are any abnormalities.
CMP A CMP, or thorough metabolic panel, offers your healthcare company with an unique picture of your body’s metabolic process and chemical balance. A CMP will examine your levels of various substances, including bilirubin, albumin, calcium, salt, potassium, chloride, and so on.

Other Blood Test Abbreviations Good to Know

Blood tests reports consist of a huge amount of abbreviations that can be confusing. In the hope of further clarifying what they mean, listed below are 8 other blood test abbreviations that you must understand:

Abbreviations Full Name Goal
WBC White blood cell count The levels of leukocyte in your blood.
RBC Red blood cell count The levels of red cell in your blood.
HBC Hemoglobin The levels of the molecule hemoglobin in your blood.
HCT Hematocrit A counted portion of red cell in blood circulation, just like a RBC, but determined in %.
MCV Mean corpuscular volume Measures the average size of your red blood cells.
MCH Mean corpuscular hemoglobin Measures the average weight of the molecule hemoglobin.
MCHC Mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration Measures the average percentage of hemoglobin present within each red blood cell.
PLT Platelets The levels of platelets in your blood.

Know the Measurement Abbreviations in Blood Tests

Knowing what common blood test abbreviations suggest will be worthless if you do not comprehend what the measurements imply. Below is a table detailing a few of the typical measurements.

Blood Test Measurement Abbreviation Description
cmm Cells per cubic millimeter
fL (femtoliter) Fraction of one-millionth of a liter
g/dL Grams per deciliter
IU/L International unites per liter
mEq/L Milliequivalent per liter
Mg/dL Milligrams per deciliter
mL Milliliter
Mmol/L Millimoles per liter
Ng/mL Nanograms per millimeter
pg (pictograms) One-trillionth of a gram

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