Bleeding at 24 Weeks Pregnant

Do you experience vaginal bleeding at 24 weeks pregnant? Spotting or light bleeding without pain is not unusual prior to 12 weeks and is often not serious, however you should call your doctor right away to be examined.

If it is accompanied by a severe pain in one side of your stomach or pain in your shoulder tip, diarrhoea or bowel pain, it may suggest an ectopic pregnancy and needs to be inspected urgently by your pregnancy device.

Bleeding combined with back or stomach pain might be a sign of miscarriage. Call your doctor instantly.

Bleeding at 24 weeks of pregnancy or later

Some women may experience a light bleed later in their pregnancy. This is may not be from inside the womb, but from the cervix, for example. Postcoital (after sexual intercourse) bleeding can take place due to this. This might settle and does not necessarily indicate there is an issue, however you ought to constantly let your midwife or doctor understand of any bleeding.

There are two more serious causes of bleeding in late pregnancy:

  • placenta praevia (a low-lying placenta). You may experience unexpected, pain-free bleeding that can be light to heavy. Most women who have placenta praevia will currently understand their placenta is low from their ultrasound scans, although most women with a low placenta do not go on to have placenta praevia.
  • placental abruption (abruptio placentae). Bleeding with discomfort or pain might mean you have had a placental abruption, which takes place when the placenta starts to separate from the wall of your uterus, according to It is most likely to be accompanied by cramps and tenderness when you push your stomach.

Contact your midwife, doctor or maternity system instantly if you are bleeding in late pregnancy.

bleeding at 24 weeks pregnant low placenta

What other mothers state about bleeding in this period of pregnancy

  • I was questioning if anybody had finding or bleeding in the 2nd trimester with their last pregnancy, and whether you experienced any major complications as a result of the bleeding. I had no concerns and no bleeding with my first, and none with this pregnancy up until yesterday.
    I awakened to use the bathroom and saw I was bleeding. It was bleeding at 24 weeks pregnant. Bleeding was bright red and was enough to get my attention, I cleaned a number of times and it was still there, however after that I didn’t have any more for the remainder of the day, so I think it is thought about spotting.
    I called my doctor right away and she said to monitor it and see if it continued, got stronger, or I experienced any pain. None of those things happened, so I simply stayed at home and rested and didn’t go to the healthcare facility.
    I understand this can be typical, however it has actually not been regular for me, and I’m worried that this suddenly taken place in the second trimester.
  • I simply had some bleeding same thing, brilliant red blood and just when I went to the restroom. I went to my doctor the other day early morning and my doc believes I have a UTI. She provided me an antibiotic right away and had a culture sent out away. We have no idea for sure that’s it however she said it’s typical during pregnancy and bleeding when you pee is a sign. She said if it’s from the uterus then it would take place all the time if it’s from the urinary tract it would only occur then.

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