Bladder Pain Close to the End of Urination

Having a painful urination could be due to various conditions, from a simple urinary tract infection to a sexually transferred disease. When the burning, or painful, sensation starts might differ from specific to specific. There’s no set amount of time as to when the burning sensation may occur in regards to before, during or after urination.

Causes of Bladder Pain Close to the End of Urination

You can experience burning near the end of urinating with conditions such as urethritis, kidney stones, prostatitis or a urinary tract infection. Certain sexually transmitted conditions such as herpes simplex virus likewise can cause painfrul urination. Women might likewise experience painful urination due to changes in vaginal tissue, particularly during menopause, according to MedlinePlus. Inflamed vaginal tissues can cause painful urination. Vaginal tissues may become irritated due to bubble baths, creams or perfumes. Your health care carrier may request for a urine sample or perform a genital test.


You might or might not experience other symptoms in addition to painful urination, depending upon the cause. Abdominal pain is common, specifically when handling kidney stones, urethritis or a urinary tract infection. You might also observe a discharge from your penis or vagina. The urgency to urinate might be strong, triggering frequent urination but only passing percentages of urine. Your urine might appear cloudy and have a foul odor; this is a result of a bacterial infection such as a urinary tract infection.

bladder pain close to the end of urination

Why I have bladder pain close to the end of urination?

Treatments for Bladder Pain Close to the End of Urination

Depending upon the cause of your symptoms, your health care carrier might prescribe antibiotics or recommend you to drink a lot of water and recommend pain reliever. Water and pain reliever are a likely treatment for kidney stones while antibiotics are typically prescribed for urinary tract infections, sexually transmitted diseases and other conditions caused by a bacterial infection. Depending upon the type and strength of the antibiotic, you may have to take them for three to 10 days.


If you begin to notice a strong, nasty odor when you urinate or start to urinate frequently but only pass small, irrelevant quantities, this might indicate an infection. If you begin to pass blood in your urine, look for healthcare immediately. If your physician suspects kidney stones are the cause of your painful urination, you might have to urinate into a strainer to gather any kidney stones that you pass. Your doctor can have a laboratory test performed on the stones to identify what’s causing them to put together a plan to avoid a reoccurrence.

Last Update - September 23, 2017


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