Big Toe on the Left Foot is Numb

Big Toe on the Left Foot Is Numb

Toe numbness is a symptom that happens when the experience in your toes is influenced. The results may be the absence of sensation or tingling and/or burning feelings. This result can make walking tough or perhaps painful.

Toe numbness can be a temporary symptom, or it can be a chronic symptom for some people. Chronic toe numbness is a concern due to the fact that it influences your walking capabilities and can lead to injuries and wounds you might be uninformed of. While toe numbness can be a cause of concern, it’s rarely thought about a medical emergency.

What Are the Signs of Toe Numbness on the Left Foot?

Toe numbness is an unusual sensation in the toes that often decreases your capability to feel the ground beneath you or your toes themselves. You might also feel tingling feelings up your legs or in your toes as feeling returns and the numbness disappears. Numbness can likewise cause a pins-and-needles sensation in your toes. This can occur in only one foot or in both feet depending upon its cause.

What Causes My Big Toe on the Left Foot Is Numb?

Your body contains a complicated network of sensory nerves that offer your sense of touch. When the nerves are pushed, damaged, or irritated, it’s as if a telephone line has actually been cut and the messages cannot make it through. The outcome is numbness, whether temporary or lasting.

A number of medical conditions can cause toe numbness. These consist of:

  • alcohol addiction or chronic alcoholic abuse
  • Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease
  • diabetes and diabetic neuropathy
  • frostbite
  • Guillain-Barré syndrome
  • herniated disk
  • multiple sclerosis
  • peripheral arterial disease
  • peripheral vascular disease
  • Raynaud’s disease
  • sciatica
  • shingles
  • spine injury
  • vasculitis or inflammation of the capillary

Some individuals experience exercise-associated toe numbness, specifically after participating in high-impact exercises, such as running or playing a sport. This is because the nerves are often compressed while working out. The numbness must go away fairly quickly after you stop exercising.

big toe on my left foot

my big toe on my left foot feels numb

Less typically, numbness in toes can be a sign of a more serious neurological occasion. This holds true when you experience abrupt numbness on one side of the body. This can be brought on by:

  • seizure
  • stroke
  • short-term ischemic attack (likewise referred to as TIAs)

When Should I Get Medical Assistance?

Look for instant medical attention if you experience toe numbness together with any of these symptoms:.

  • difficulty seeing from one or both eyes.
  • facial drooping.
  • failure to believe or speak clearly.
  • vertigo.
  • muscle weakness.
  • toe numbness that occurs after recent head injury.
  • unexpected loss of experience or numbness on one side of your body.
  • sudden, severe headache.
  • tremors, jerking, or twitching movements.

For toe numbness not connected with other symptoms, see your doctor when it ends up being unpleasant or does not go away as it once did. You ought to also look for medical assistance if toe numbness begins to intensify.

How Is Toe Numbness Detected?

Your doctor will first take a stock of your case history and symptoms before performing a physical exam. If you’re experiencing stroke- or seizure-like symptoms, the doctor may suggest a CT or MRI scan. These can find bleeding in the brain that could show a stroke.

MRI and CT scans are likewise used to spot irregularities in the spinal column that could suggest sciatica or spinal stenosis.

Your doctor will perform a comprehensive foot test if your symptoms seem to be focused on the feet themselves. This includes testing your abilities to notice temperature and other experiences in the feet.

Other tests include nerve conduction research studies, which can find how well electric current is sent through the nerves. Electromyography is another test that figures out how muscles respond to electrical stimulation.

How Is Big Toe Numbness Treated?

Treatments for toe numbness on the left foot rely on its underlying cause. Your doctor will recommend medications and treatments to ensure your blood glucose remains at proper levels if diabetic neuropathy is the cause. Increasing your exercise and paying mindful focus on your diet can likewise help.

In addition to these actions, a doctor may prescribe pain-relieving medications. These can consist of:

  • antidepressants and anticonvulsants to treat diabetic nerve pain, consisting of duloxetine and pregabalin.
  • opioids or opioid-like medications, such as oxycodone or tramadol.
  • tricyclic antidepressants, consisting of amitriptyline.

Individuals with chronic foot numbness ought to go through regular foot assessments to look for wounds and foot blood circulation. Patients with chronic foot numbness must practice excellent foot health, including:

  • cutting toenails directly across or getting toe nails cut at a podiatrist’s office.
  • examining the feet daily for cuts or wounds utilizing a handheld mirror to examine the bottom of the feet.
  • wearing soft, thick socks that support and cushion the feet.
  • using well-fitting shoes that enable the big toe on the left foot to move.

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  1. this was very helpful thank you.I think my numbness could have been caused by alcohol abuse and I am wondering if it becomes permanent

    1. Alcohol abuse is your enemy.

      1. Does it mean the numbness stops once I stop drinking?

        1. I can’t say ‘yes’. But alcohol is really bad thing affects to human mental and physical condition.

          Regarding your numbness you should visit a doctor. I will recomend try therapist first. After check-up he can prescribe to you treatment solution or direct to other specialist like vascular medicine doctor.

          Probably you have high resistant in your extremity and thick blood.

          You can try natural blood thinners:

          Exercises and healthy lifestyle should improve your condition.

          But, again, visit a doctor.

  2. If your big toe is numb, or if you are having on-again, off-again episodes of numbness, consider this as an indication that something bigger is taking place. Among those bigger things that could make your large toe numb is a pinched or aggravated nerve in your reduced back. Large toe numbness could also be caused by points like inadequate blood circulation or even a squeezed nerve between the toes themselves, yet it’s more generally as a result of a nerve, specifically the L5 spine nerve in the reduced back as this is the nerve that branches right from the spinal column down to the big toe.

    But wouldn’t my back pain if I had a squeezed nerve in my low back? Not necessarily. The numbness in the large toe could be that first early-warning sign, and also if it isn’t really addressed back pain or rigidity could establish. On the various other hand, you can have a pinched nerve in your reduced back as well as not experience back pain or various other back symptoms.

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