Big Nipples and Areola: Do You Need to Concern?

Why are my nipples so big?

Nipples and areola can be found in all type of sizes. None of which are unusual. It’s just how your body established. There’s no medical need to distress over the size of your nipples– it’s all good and great in nip land.

The only factors the size or shape of your nipples may be cause for issue is if they end up being unbalanced gradually. MD clarified that “a long-term asymmetry is less worrying than a severe one,” so if you observe an unexpected modification in how your nipples compare to one another, you need to see a doctor.

Common Question: Why is my Areola So Large?

I’m 14 years old, never pregnant, a virgin, had my duration for about 2 years. Both of my areoles are huge, about 2 1/2 inches large. I’m very uncomfortable with my areola. Exists a factor they are like this? Is it normal? Is it cancerous? Exists a possible way that they can go to a normal size? I am very insecure about this.

What Specialists Say:

  1. At your age your body is still altering and growing. There is quite a lot of normal variation among women regarding the shapes and size of breasts, nipples, and areola. Each of us is really unique and various! After you have actually stopped growing, if you still do not like the size of your areola it is possible to decrease them. Seek a board licensed plastic surgeon who can assist you with a “donut” mastopexy.
  2. A large areola can easily be decreased. This is an outpatient procedure, and in some cases done in a workplace setting. Considering that you are really young, discuss this with your parents.

What Other Women Say About Really Big Nipples

The size and shape of areola is mainly hereditary, however can be affected by lots of factors during growth.

  • If at 13 your areola is bigger than other women in your family on both sides of the household then it is most likely due to the fact that you for some factor have actually matured sexually quicker than what is the norm in your household.
  • Larger areola usually symbolize sexual maturity.
  • As you age they will typically somewhat increase in size and also darken.
  • When you conceive and when you nurse they will likewise darken and increase in size.
  • It is in some cases temporary and sometimes not.
  • The typical size for a female areola is one and a half to one and 3 quarters in size.
  • It is normal for areola to be up to 4 and a quarter inches in diameter and unless yours are bigger than that you remain in the normal range.

Considering that your worry relates to visual appeal I wish to include this:

  • Many men like larger areola.
  • The larger the better for some.
  • Larger areola are subconsciously connected with much better mothers because of breast feeding.

I as soon as checked out a study that revealed that the more dominant the males (read alpha males) prefer bigger areola.

The very same study showed that many beta males preferred smaller sized areola.

This could be related to more powerful, smarter, more dominant types being the historic breeders of the world up until about a thousand years earlier.

The preference was nevertheless really slight.

Large areola (and big nipples) can be thought about extremely attractive by some. It is simply visual preferences much the same way some prefer certain hair colors.

Last modified: February 4, 2017


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