Benefits of Clove Oil for Gums

The health benefits of clove oil can be attributed to its antimicrobial, antifungal, antiseptic, antiviral, aphrodisiac and stimulating properties. The oil is used for treating a variety of health disorders consisting of toothaches, indigestion, cough, asthma, headache, stress and blood impurities. The most important and common use of clove oil is in dental care. Several tooth pastes, mouth wash and oral care medications include clove oil as an essential active ingredient.

Clove is an evergreen tree, which produces a flower bud that has various medicinal properties. It is often described as clove bud. Clove bud has a shaft and a head and hence it has the Latin name clavus, meaning nail. Clove was thoroughly used in ancient Indian and Chinese civilizations and it spread to other parts of the world, consisting of Europe, during the seventh and eight centuries. Even now, clove is used in several Indian and Chinese dishes.

Clove is rich in minerals such as calcium, hydrochloric acid, iron, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, and vitamin A and vitamin C.

Health benefits of clove oil for your gums

The most popular use of clove oil is in dental care. The germicidal properties of the oil make it extremely reliable for relieving dental pain, tooth ache, sore gums and mouth ulcers. Clove oil consists of the substance eugenol, which has actually been used in dentistry for many years. Swishing with watered down clove oil helps in relieving throat pain and inflammation. The characteristic smell of clove oil likewise helps to remove bad breath.

benefits of clove oil on gums

Benefits of clove oil is also in fighting cavities, and traditionally, in India, clove oil was added to a small cotton ball and put at the end of the tooth which has the cavity every day before going to sleep. The cavity would vanish in a few days. As a result, clove oil is contributed to many dental products and medications, consisting of mouthwash and tooth paste.

Dental professionals likewise mix clove oil with zinc oxide to prepare a white, filling material as a temporary alternative to a root canal. However beware, clove oil is very strong and can cause burns inside your mouth on gums if used improperly.

Recent research studies and cautious consideration of the power of clove oil have resulted in it being used as a relaxing balm on babies who are teething. In extremely diluted kind, it can be used to a baby’s gums, and the antibacterial and calming qualities of the oil can reduce their pain and reduce their discomfort.

Possible Side Effects of Clove Oil

One need to take care while using clove oil, because it is really strong even in small quantities and must be watered down prior to application or ingestion. Given that eugenol (a primary part of clove essential oil) is not typical, some people discover violent allergies when taking too much at once, according to Use small amounts of any essential oil if you have never used it in the past.

Moreover, preliminary dangers of clove oil include some digestive tract discomfort, which is most typical in children, and in the most serious cases, has even been connected to kidney and liver failure. Lastly, clove oil can cause blood sugar level to drop, so diabetics need to be cautious, and pregnant women and those who are nursing needs to not use clove oil, as it is unclear whether this strong substance passes to the baby in the breast milk. Similar to any change to diet or nutritional supplement, it is best to speak with a doctor prior to administering or contributing to your day-to-day or regular program.

Last Update - September 24, 2017


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