Itchy and Red Belly Button

why my belly itches

Why Your Belly Button Itchy and Red?

Yeast infection in the belly button can influence people of any age. Newborns can develop infection by direct exposure to his mother’s vaginal yeast infection during birth. Conditions that often influence children and teenagers, including thrush or athletes foot, can spread to the belly button. Diabetes and excess abdominal fat can enhance risk of belly button yeast infections in grownups. See your doctor for an accurate diagnosis if you experience these symptoms.

Belly Button Itchy and Red: Causes and Treatment


A yeast infection in the belly button will itch as the yeast deteriorates the healthy skin surface, causing an increase in blood circulation to the area. This itch may be sudden and extreme, and can often be alleviated by cleaning up the belly button with soap and water and applying an itch blocking ointment to the site. Anti-itch creme or ointment will not treat the yeast infection, however will reduce symptoms. Scratching the site will enable the yeast to get in into the skin, making the infection a lot more tough to treat.

Redness of Belly Button

Inflammation takes place anytime the leading skin layer is damaged. Inflammation will fade as the infection clears, serving as a great sign that treatment has worked. Yeast infection in the belly button skin folds needs topical treatment which begins with mild cleaning of the site with a moderate soap and water. The belly button ought to be dried and covered with one of the medications sold over the counter as a treatment for either vaginal yeast infections or athlete’s foot. This process ought to be repeated as typically as suggested on the label of the medication.

Belly Button Smells

Smell might establish from an infection in your belly button when a secondary bacterial infection occurs or the skin breaks down from the invasion of the yeast infection, emitting fluid. If the site has actually been treated with an over the counter antifungal creme for a couple of days and the smell persists, see your doctor.


Pain, fever, queasiness and throwing up or red streaks that begin at your belly button and move external are all signs of a secondary bacterial infection. These need instant medical interest. Diabetes and human immunodeficiency virus, or HIV, are both related to an increased risk of yeast infections of the skin.


Redness of your belly button might not be an infection at all – it might be caused by psoriasis, a skin disorder. On the arms and legs psoriasis causes scaly patches, but in wet areas like the belly button there is no scaliness – it simply looks red and glossy. Normally, but not constantly, you will have psoriasis somewhere else on your body.

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