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baking soda bath for itching

Baking soda has many uses in the cooking area, not just for food preparation and baking, but likewise for cleaning and other functions. Nevertheless, very few individuals know that there’s more to baking soda than being a housewife’s pal. It is likewise a fantastic natural home solution for common skin issues. A baking soda bath can assist reduce the effects of skin acidity and promote elimination of contaminants. Soaking in baking soda can assist refresh, restore and soften your dry skin.

Benefits of Baking Soda Bath

  • Use baking soda to cleanse and alkalize your body. It is natural, safe and low-cost. Individuals who eat a Western-style diet including sugar, red meat, cheese and other refined foods have a high acid intake, which baking soda baths can neutralize. You can likewise detox your body from alcohol, caffeine, nicotine and medications.
  • Use baking soda with your sitz bath to relieve pain from hemorrhoids, vaginal yeast infection, anal fissure, and other discomforts in the genital or butt area. Baking soda relieves irritated skin, relieves itching and decreases burning experience.
  • Baking soda is an excellent alternative to industrial products used for bathing. It does not include scents and chemicals, it is colorless and odor free, and it does not leave residues in the bath tub. It makes bath water alkaline and leaves the skin feeling smooth.

How to Take a Baking Soda Bath


  • A homemade baking soda bath is revitalizing and healing for the majority of people but pregnant women and people high blood pressure and heart problems need to consult their doctor prior to using it.
  • Keep a comfy bath temperature to lower your risk of burning, fainting, or lightheadedness. People who use drugs or take in alcohol needs to avoid detox baths to avoid losing consciousness or drowning.

Baking Soda Bath: Recipe 1
Fill the bathtub or sitz bath with adequate warmer water to be able to submerge your body when you sit. Mix 4 to five tablespoons of baking soda into the water. Use a wood spoon to assist dissolve baking soda. Soak impacted area for 10-20 minutes. Carefully dry off with a soft towel to prevent further irritation.

Baking Soda Bath: Recipe 2
Fill bath tub with hot water. Mix half a cup of Epsom salts and half a cup of baking soda. Include the mix to the water while still running to make sure it dissolves well. Soak in the tub for 20 minutes. Lie down in bed for a few minutes after the bath because you might feel some lightheadedness, which is common after soaking in warm water, and launching contaminants.

Baking Soda Bath: Recipe 3
Dissolve a quarter cup of sea salt, a quarter cup of Epsom salt, and another quarter cup of baking soda in some boiled water inside a container about a quart-size. Reserve. Then fill bath tub with warm or warm water and add 1/3 cup apple cider vinegar. Pour the salt mix into the bath. You can also add a favorite essential oil. Take in the bath for about 30 minutes or as wanted. Use this to sooth skin inflammations, increase magnesium levels, and detoxify your body.

Baking soda bath for yeast infection

Baking Soda: Baking soda is a great yeast and fungus killer (although we do admit it does not taste the best). You merely mix up half a teaspoon in a glass of water and drink twice a day on an empty stomach for 2 weeks then rest. Then after 2 weeks rest you take for another 2 weeks and continue with this cycle for 3 months. After the 3 month duration is up you only have to take the baking soda again if you ever get another yeast fungus outbreak. We also highly recommend that you add some baking soda to your salt bath for additional strength and benefit also.

Baking soda bath for eczema

Merely include baking soda to a bath or made into a paste can be used to relieve the eczema itchiness.

Baking soda bath for hives

To relieve itching, spray the bath water with baking soda, raw oatmeal or colloidal oatmeal– a carefully ground oatmeal that is made for the bathtub (Aveeno, others).

What else about soda bath?

  • For more cleaning results, drink some peppermint tea prior to bathing. You can likewise include brewed peppermint tea to your bath to promote release of toxins through your skin.
  • For a calming aromatherapy soak, include 10-15 drops of essential oils, such as rose or jasmine, to your Epsom salts. To alleviate stress, add relaxing herbs like lavender or chamomile.
  • Get rid of dead skin cells by dry brushing using a loofah sponge or body brush before your bath. Then shower after the detox bath to finish your cleaning process. Use washcloth and soap to eliminate residues from your skin.

More Detox Bath Recipes

Aside from baking soda, you can also attempt other types of detox bath. However, it is advisable to speak to your doctor first if you have any illness or if you are on some medications.

1. Oxygen Detox Bath
Fill your tub with warmer or warm water. Include two cups of hydrogen peroxide and one tablespoon of dried ginger. Then soak for 30 minutes or as preferred. Oxygen detox is specifically helpful in clearing nasal blockage, minimizing body pains, and relieving allergies and skin irritation.

2. Clay Detox Bath
Dissolve half a cup of Epsom salts in warm or hot bath. Include essential oils. Mix half a cup of bentonite clay in a percentage of water in a glass jar. Use a plastic spoon, and with energetic motion, dissolve clumps. Add this clay mix to your bath then soak for about 20 minutes.

Conclusion: a baking soda bath is an easy, safe and inexpensive way to relieve irritated skin, relieve body pains and detox the body in general. Merely dissolve baking soda in bath water and add salts and oils for a relaxing bath.

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