Bad Smell in a Nose

Bad odor in nose is a problem affecting a considerable number of people in the society. Unfortunately, lots of are afraid of sharing the issue with their friends and family. You may be experiencing this problem, generally characterised by a rotten flesh-like smell coming from the nose. In some patients, the smell is accompanied by pressure above the temple and ear area on the left side. Some patients have tried utilizing nose spray to resolve the problem, however it did not work. To fix the issue, some patients have actually even attempted catarrh capsules and Actifed tablets. These two might fix the issue briefly, but it will undoubtedly repeat.

What Causes Bad Smell in Nose?

What can be triggering an unusual odor in my nose? Have you ever heard of gaslighting? It originates from a play where a partner notifications subtle changes in her house, including the dimming of gas lights and grumbles to her hubby. He’s in on the entire ordeal and persuades her she’s picturing whatever. When you smell something nobody else can, it’s like you’re getting gaslighted. Seem like what you’re going through?

For some people, it’s more than simply a short-lived oddity. Smells can last weeks making you feel a bit crazy. They can be activated by something or be entirely random but in any case, it will not take wish for you to start getting desperate for some relief.

Causes of Foul Odors

Do not worry; you have not lost your marbles. Below we’ll note the prospective causes are and how to get your nose back to the way it was.

Is it just me?

Believe it or not, giving off things just you can smell is quite common. Well, common enough to obtain a technical term. Phantosmia, or phantom smells is simply that– an odor with no external source to mention. It’s like a hallucination, however for your nose.

Normally Phantosmia strikes you when something’s going on in your brain. It can be a warning for a severe problem or a symptom for something as common as a migraine. You shouldn’t be too hasty in thinking smells haunting you are phantom smells though. In many cases there are real, if evasive causes.

Stinking to High Heaven

Besides potentially being a simply psychological experience, there are plenty of reasons you could be smelling something funky:

  • Nasal Polyps: Essentially irritated tissue inside your nose. Brought on by anything from physical damage to other sinus issues they can grow to be rather big. Because they are a physical clog, nasal polyps can cause your mucous to obtain backed up. After a while this mucous can start to stink.
  • Sinus Infections: Known as Sinusitis, this can certainly cause your sense of smell to go awry. When the cavities in your cheeks, forehead and nose begin to injure and you start to feel congestion, you can bet an infection is at play. Often however, a sinus infection can be self-contained and it can be very hard to spot symptoms. If left untreated your olfactory nerves can become broken causing smells.
  • Post-nasal drip: When your nasal mucosa make too much of the sticky stuff, it can start to drip down the back of the nose and throat. Mucous can begin to smell after a while when you’re dealing with post-nasal drip you tend to build up a lot of it.
  • Dental caries: Believe it or not, poor oral health can really produce smells. Rotting in your teeth or bad breath can really manifest as a smell. It may be out of left-field but it’s a guaranteed possibility.

Despite the cause, if you are having bad smell that originates from the nose seek medical assistance. Treatment is essential in the majority of the cases to treat the infection that has actually caused this unpleasant smell. In many cases, like in the cases experiencing ozena this unpleasant smell originating from the nose is so extreme that it can even deny the individual from having a social life.

Last Update - September 23, 2017


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