Appendix Surgery Side Effects

The appendix is a little, excessive organ connected to the bowel. When it ends up being irritated or infected, the appendix is removed to prevent rupture. Two procedures are used to eliminate the appendix– open appendectomy, with a bigger incision that permits the specialist to see the appendix, or laparoscopic appendectomy, a less invasive procedure that uses a camera to view this organ. Threats or side effects differ, depending on the procedure used, as well as the age and general health of the patient.

Surgery and Anesthesia

Certain side effects are possible with any surgical procedure, consisting of appendectomies. These possible complications include pneumonia, blood clots, hernia, cardiovascular disease, reactions to anesthesia and, seldom, extreme bleeding or death. Complications, length of remain in the health center and variety of deaths are lower when the laparoscopic procedure is used compared with the open procedure.


Pain is a typical side effect of any surgical procedure, however the seriousness will vary among individuals. Surgeons consistently order medication for pain control as required. Patients should know that gas is pressed into the abdomen during laparoscopic appendectomy, which later on causes pain in the shoulder. Walking helps to dissipate the gas, which might reduce pain.

What others say about pain after appendix Surgery

  • Typically get delivered back to my medical professionals though who then continue to do absolutely nothing or just stick me on more tablets.
    It’s like 2 various types of pain, like the all over abdominal pain can be found in sharp, painful waves but between waves it’s like a cramping sensation. In some cases I get back pain when it’s truly sore. I get sick and sadly get diarrhea. This is what’s leading the doctor to believe it’s IBS, however refraining from doing any tests to rule anything else out.
    And then there’s the pain where my appendix used to be, typically feel it the most when led down. That’s the pain that feels like someone is pushing down. I have no idea whether the two re connected or if it’s linked to my surgery.
  • I used herbal and homeopathy remedies for a couple issues. Your symptoms sound to complicated for a herbalist who are not actually knowledgeable in medical conditions/anatomy. With homeopathy many of the professionals are medical professionals and GP’s who practice under both codes. I went to an NHS doctor who practiced homeopathy independently as it is extremely time consuming. I chose stomach and gastrointestinal issues that the healthcare facility had not solved for me.He offered me the most extensive evaluation I have ever had actually followed by a long question session. Much of homeopathy is treating the individual along with the disease.
    It was successful for me and it had to do with 7 years prior to the problem re-occurred.
appendix removal side effects

Appendix removal side effects


Other appendix surgery side effect is peritonitis. Peritonitis, an unsafe infection of the abdominal cavity, takes place when the appendix ruptures and leaks into the abdomen. This happens most often among the senior, little ones and pregnant women. A burst appendix can also cause sepsis, a lethal infection in the blood stream that have to be treated with antibiotics.

Wound Infection

Wound infections are more typical with open surgery methods. Symptoms that need to be reported to the surgeon consist of fever, soreness, swelling, bleeding or foul-smelling drainage from the incision.

Bowel Issues

Temporary bowel obstruction caused by swelling in the tissues around the bowel may develop after appendix surgery, avoiding stool and gas from passing normally. Symptoms consist of pain, a distended abdomen, failure to pass gas and absence of bowel noises. Constipation is a more typical issue after appendectomy, in part due to medications considered postoperative pain.

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